Students find strength in bStrong Banger

Emily Krivograd


In efforts to provide dister relief to those in need, drag queen Debbie Fox hosted a bStrong fundraiser on Nov. 14.

The event provided attendees with food, raffles and music in order to raise money and awareness for the bStrong foundation.

bStrong, founded in 2017, is a disaster relief organization which provides aid to communities in need after a hurricane or other severe disaster. The group has raised $1.4 million to support recovering communities. 

“This cause is so important to our group,” said senior organizational communication major Mahera Suhail, who helped coordinate the event. “This is a great way to give to victims who have been affected by natural disasters.”

The evening began with a presentation informing attendees of the organization’s goal, as well as a video featuring bStrong advocate Bethenny Frankel discussing the importance of providing aid to communities in need.

“I had watched Bethenny Frankel on ‘Ellen’ and one thing she said that stood out to me was, ‘What do I do now?’” said Fox. “This meant, ‘What can I do to help?’ My way to help was to entertain, and to donate my time to support this cause.”

All money raised from the raffles will go towards the bStrong foundation.