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People Must Treat Each Other With Respect After Hearing Election Results

When I first heard about the results of the election that Joe Biden had won, my reaction was feelings of relief and excitement; everyone knew that it would be a close race, but in reality, Trump only got 214 electoral votes, while Biden got 290 electoral votes, when he only needed 270 to win. When […]

Emmett Till’s Chicago Home Granted Preliminary Landmark Status

The year was August 1955. Fourteen-year old African-American boy Emmett Till was visiting family in Mississippi. He was dared by friends to ask out a white lady, and that dare led to his murder. In honor of his passing, 65 years later, his Chicago home has been granted preliminary landmark status.  He was beaten to […]

Musicians Cancel and Postpone Tours Amid Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected the economy and the workforce. Among those being hit are musicians who make their money performing in front of an audience. For most bands, the beginning of the year is filled with tours, where they meet adoring fans and build revenue from merchandise sales. Many bands since February were advised to reschedule […]