29 Activities While Staying in Place


As schools are canceled, concerts postponed, work is remote, sports outtings canceled and one’s social life put on hold, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends remaining active and maintaining a schedule while self-isolating.  

While self-isolating reduces the spread of the coronavirus, there are some side effects of sheltering in place. Extreme boredom and stir craziness are symptoms many students and people around the globe are encountering.

With the help of 31 suggested activities, symptoms can be relieved and even perhaps one’s day can lead to productivity. The first few suggestions, while not so fun, are important as Lewis students. 

  1. Create a schedule for yourself; ensure you provide plenty of time to walk outdoors
  2. Identify and complete scholarship applications that normally would take too much of your time sitting in front of a screen
  3. Contact your professors and academic advisers for guidance when selecting classes
  4. Remain informed and up-to-date with all relevant COVID-19 information by checking the CDC and Lewis’s website
  5. You know that stack of books you keep wanting to tackle? Now is the perfect time to read for enjoyment and entertainment! 
  6. Call and video chat with family and friends
  7. Call those relative you only see a few times each year
  8. Keep a quarantine diary; this is a unique experience in modern history
  9. Complete a puzzle or two
  10. Watch and rewatch some classic films; visit our Tempo section for film ideas and reviews
  11. Begin new hobbies and habits such as meditating
  12. It’s Spring, so it’s time to Spring Clean!
  13. Learn a new skill: piano, calligraphy, how to roll a pen among your fingers, etc.; YouTube has many tutorials and for beginners videos
  14. Start a blog; share what you’re doing with others
  15. Play some games: board games, card games, online games, etc.
  16. Make a quarantine “bucket” list: After this pandemic ends, I promise to …
  17. Keep your handwriting and typing skills in practice
  18. Draw, sketch and color; nurture your artistic skills
  19. Binge-watch a few shows that you’ve been holding for the summer 
  20. Write or memorize a poem
  21. Take time to reflect on this experience
  22. Learn a new language; try the Duolingo app
  23. Treat yourself to some self-care: bubble bath, pedicure, skin routine, etc.
  24. Yoga, ‘nough said
  25. Try something new with your personal hair or apparel style; just avoid binge shopping
  26. Volunteer your time; there are even several online volunteering platforms
  27. Create a quarantine playlist and expand your music palet
  28. Try to quit a bad habit or two
  29. Sleep!
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