Day: November 4, 2019


Nationals Stun Astros in Game Seven

The Washington Nationals made history by upsetting the Houston Astros in game seven of the World Series. Washington was the underdog all season and the same held true going into the World Series.   Houston started the series off at home and jumped out to an early game one lead but the Nationals would rally back. […]

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“The Oval” Twists the Picturesque First Family

Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” premiered its first episode, and the show is anything but politics as is usual for Perry. Filled with drama, deceit, affairs and family turmoil, this production follows the rollercoaster relationship between the country’s first interracial president and first lady, as well as their children as the family attempt to navigate their […]

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Many Warning Signs Present in AJ Freund Case

Five-year-old AJ Freund was found dead on April 24, 2019, his body lying in a field outside of Woodstock. His own parents have been charged for his murder and for wrapping his corpse in a bag leaving it in a field until authorities found him several days later.  In the aftermath of the immediate shock […]

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South Korean Director With Another Showstopping Feature

Holy. Crap.  And no, “crap” is not the exact word I would use in this scenario.  Have you ever walked out of a movie that’s just so good it leaves you feeling totally and wholly revitalized in mind, body and spirit? That’s precisely the kind of movie “Parasite” is. In this modern age of digital […]

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call of duty

Progress Bar: First Impressions of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”

Note that this review is being typed as of Oct. 31, so by the time it is published there may have been patches or hot-fixes that have rectified some issues I have with the game’s multiplayer component. “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” feels like an earnest attempt at change to the “Call of Duty” we’ve […]

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fun fest
Campus Life

A Night of Friendly Sportsmanship at Fun Fest

On Friday, Oct. 24, the annual Fun Fest was hosted in the Recreational Center. Combining men’s and women’s basketball game from 8:30- 10:15 p.m., the fest commenced. The fun started with tunes from the Lewis Flight Crew. They are a jazz band that throughout the event played music such as Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” […]

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