WHERE WE STAND: While You’re Giving Thanks, Also Give Feedback

The Lewis Flyer, Staff Editorial

Photo above by Nick Martinez: Student feedback is necessary to improve life at Lewis. 

As the semester is nearly over, various feedback surveys have been distributed, and now, it’s time for you, the student, to have your voice heard.

Teachers always give out course evaluations, and they do take what you say seriously. They also adapt their teaching styles to various suggestions in order to improve the learning environment.

Those evaluations also reflect on the teacher’s job when administrators look for promotions, tenure, etc. Many students will criticize their teacher on sites like ratemyprofessor.com, but they should fill out the survey, so they will actually see what you have to say.

Popular complaints from students also revolve around the wireless Internet. ITSO sends out feedback surveys to you, the student, so that they can make your life easier. You actually get to tell them the problems that you’re seeing, yet people still don’t seem to be utilizing the opportunity to give the feedback in order to make the situation better.

Similarly, the dining locations each have customer satisfaction surveys every semester. You want more choices? Put it on the survey. You’re not satisfied with the wait time? Put it on the survey. They take what you say seriously and apply it when thinking about the future.

Putting this simply, it’s kind of like the election: If you didn’t vote, then don’t complain. Take the time out to complete the surveys so that you and your peers can have the best college experience possible. It’s time to put up or shut up; the rest is up to you.

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