What’s your age again?

Age; a number given to us at birth, something many see as a defining factor, a limit on what we can do. “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and “You’ll understand when you’re older,” are both phrases that we hear throughout our lives, but these are just limitations the average man puts on him or herself and cop outs to avoid change.

Just the other a day I heard a story of a 102 year old women in China going back to elementary school. She felt that she needed to finish her education to feel like her life was complete. So she went back to school. She had led a full life, worked since she was nine, raised a family and ideally should be enjoying the golden years of her life. Instead she decided to learn a new trick.

At the age of five Mozart was composing music that has stood the test of time. He clearly understood what many did not, even though he was clearly younger than what many would say his “understanding” should be. So we call him a prodigy. We define him as different and freaky merely because he did what should be impossible because of his age.

These two examples out of history show how age is no hindrance, but every day we buy in to the limits of our age. “Oh, I am to old to make a change,” or “I can’t do that, I’m not old enough.” Well, experience is what you make of it. And if your age is enough to limit you, that is simply because you are too afraid to change.

Age is the most common cop out used in the human culture. “I will wait till I’m older” or “I can’t, I’m just too old,” is nothing more than a manifestation of the fear of standing up to society and saying I know this is not what is normally done but I’m going to do it anyway. We buy into the mindset that we have to be a certain age to accomplish things. I say, says who? We are human beings, the greatest mental creatures on earth. We build sky scrapers, travel faster than the speed of sound and have landed men on the moon. What if the great minds behind these feats bought into the idea of “It can’t be done?” It is the same thing with age. You are never too old to change. And understanding doesn’t come with grey hair.

If you want to be a writer start writing, if you want to be a musician pick up an instrument. Learn, expand and change your life. Make it yours. Don’t become stagnant just because your age says you should be resistant to change. Change with the wind and let age fall to the way side. Be your self not your age.

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