Weird News Round-Up

David Ridderhoff, Asst. News Editor

Boy Scout Troop Shut Down


The Boy Scouts of America have shut down Rainier Beach United Methodist Church’s Troop 98 for their refusal to oust a homosexual troop leader from their troop.

The Boy Scouts of America organization is openly against homosexuality, and demanded the church remove Geoffrey McGrath from his position in the troop after he came out as gay in March. The church’s minister, Dr. Monica Corsaro, has stated that as a Methodist institution, it will continue to not discriminate against people regardless of sexual orientation.

The Boy Scouts leadership allows homosexuals to become scouts; however, it does not allow them to take adult leadership roles in their troops. McGrath was reported as the first man to have his role revoked due to his sexual orientation.

Will the real Jim Ardis please stand up?


A group of men in Peoria were taken from their homes and are currently being investigated on whether or not they created a fake Twitter account for Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis.  The account was described by some as both offensive and obscene.

The men were brought down by the local police force, who wanted to find who was really behind the parody account. The account was so bad that citizens had begun to claim Ardis was becoming the next Rob Ford, the infamous Toronto mayor known for using recreational drugs and possibly having affairs outside his marriage. The account described acts of drug use and sexual actions.

In early March, the account’s description was finally changed to describe it as a parody; however, it went on as a real account from its debut in late-February.

Police officer thinks outside the bun


A Naperville police officer was attempting to turn his car around to search another car in a Taco Bell parking lot, when the officer over-steered and got his car stuck on one of the restaurant’s large decorative boulders.

The Naperville Police Department is currently getting estimates on damage after the officer’s car ended up on the top of the boulder. The officer, who remains anonymous, did not injure anybody in the small accident.

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