Trump needs to delete his Twitter

Ashley McCann, Opinions Editor

 Photo courtesy of CNN.


Technological advances have revolutionized the way people read, communicate and learn. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History can be toured online from the comfort of one’s home, and teachers can collaborate with students via Google Docs. Likewise, protests no longer have to be attended in person; from Facebook Live to live news coverage to the seemingly endless amounts of storage on people’s phones that house video after video, participating in global events is not only possible, but is now a common activity for individuals all over the world. However, there are negatives that accompany the many positives of technological advancement, especially depending on who is using social media and for what purpose.

President Trump is one of the most controversial social media users. From criticizing NFL players who silently protest for what they believe in to inciting war with North Korea, Trump has instigated several global problems that could pose significant ramifications.

This is why what needs to be said is finally being said: Trump needs to delete his Twitter.

After referring to Kim Jong-Un as “Rocket Man,” Trump ironically tweeted, “Making America Safe is my number one priority,” complete with a capital “S” for safe. Trump also criticized NFL stars for not standing during the National Anthem, an option that is completely within their rights as Americans, which is comical coming from a man who bragged about grabbing women’s genitals.

With the end of the election and the start of Trump’s time in office, many thought Trump’s outlandish speech and dramatic social media posts would come to an end. They were wrong. Trump’s use of Twitter is not only unprofessional, but it also insults the office of the presidency and tarnishes the reputation of America as a whole.

“The president uses Twitter to troll private citizens, shame private enterprises, promote himself and his family and peddle lies and conspiracy theories — misspelling and even inventing words in the process.

Every time he logs into Twitter, he embarrasses himself and the country,” said Windsor Mann, columnist for USA TODAY.

The 140 character limit set by Twitter is clearly too many characters for Trump. Twitter is also testing an increased character limit of 280, which, at least for Trump, is more frightening than anything else. Trump’s tweets are divisive and insulting, often creating considerable controversy. The world cannot handle 280 characters from Trump.

“The point of political communication in a democracy is to foster deliberation,” said Mann. “Trump has exhibited no interest in or capacity for deliberation, which requires thinking, patience and consultation with others. He provokes rather than ponders, and it is no surprise that our politics have become more incendiary and less reasoned since he entered office.”

The only option at this point is for Trump to delete his Twitter, and do it immediately.