To Yak or Not to Yak – That is the Question

Staff Editorial 

A new social media app has hit the Lewis campus, and it is making a scene. Yik Yak, an app which allows students to post anonymously about happenings in and around campus, is the latest craze.


Recently, the app helped a local family find a lost pet that had made it’s way onto university grounds. That’s right. Students posting about the silver fox that loved to socialize with humans, helped a family reunited with their lost pet fox who escaped from their home. Thanks to Yik Yak, the fox was found and returned safely to the family before being devoured by our resident campus coyotes. Just as it helped this family, Yik Yak could benefit the Lewis community.

For example, promoting events or posting if the food is especially tasty at Charlie’s that day, or even sending out a positive message could help students get through a rough day. Some Yik Yak users use it for just that.

“You know what’s beautiful? Read the first word,” said an anonymous Yik Yak user in the Lewis area.

While the app has the potential to be useful to students, many are not using their brains before they type.

We are all in the process of getting a college education, but that fails to be reflected looking at the posts on Yik Yak. Some students are posting party locations on and off campus, stating that they have illegal drugs in their possession or even asking for booty calls.

As a community valuing education, we would be smarter than this. Yes, the app does protect your identity, but anyone on campus can download it. Resident assistants, the Lewis University Police Department, savvy professors and other campus administrators can read the posts so why are students telling them exactly where they can find them?

To make matters worse, students are also using it to bully others. There are hateful posts about specific people, including ones that are down right threatening.  A few comment on people’s sexual escapades too.

This is not high school. Are we still so immature that bullying is still a thing? It must be the safety of the cowardly anonymous post, at least let’s hope that is the case.

This mean spirited and foolish communication must stop – now. We’re not saying the parties need to stop. We are in college; those are going to happen, as they should happen. We are in our twenties after all. But, we are here for a reason: to get an education, and it is about time we start using our brains outside of math class. If you are having a party, tell your friends personally. Don’t post it all over social media. You’re just asking to get busted.

You shouldn’t have illegal items in your possession anyway, but it’s probably not the best idea to say that you are high or about to light up. What you do behind closed doors is your business, but posting it on Yik Yak makes it LUPD’s business too.

Not everyone is stupid on the app, and some good can come out of it, but we as a community have to be smarter about what we say.


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