Tips to Survive this Winter

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Living in Chicago, we all know the weather can be extremely unpredictable.

“Surviving Chicago’s winters is like surviving a zombie apocalypse; you have to be prepared for anything and everything,” said Emily Hayden, a sophomore nursing major. “Nobody has time for snow now. Spring should just come early.”

Sorry, Emily, but spring doesn’t seem to be coming early. We have had an unnaturally warm winter, but we all know the winter beast is looming around the corner. How can we survive the attack? The Center for Disease Control and Prevention website has a couple of tips to help everyone survive the cold weather.

One thing that is very important is eating healthy meals, as they will help your body stay warmer. It seems that some Lewis students are not eating like they should to defeat the cold.

“I have been skipping meals in order to avoid walking across campus,” Hayden said.

“I usually skip some meals no matter what the weather,” said junior Matt Carlson.

Skipping meals will make it harder for your body to produce heat, so try your best to brave the trek across campus despite the cold; it will be worth it.

Having the courage to travel across campus can be really difficult, especially with some of the extremely cold weather we have had this past month or so.

When asked how he survives the long walks across campus from Dorothy Day Hall, junior Adam Smetana replied,

“How do I survive these long walks? I drive a lot.”

Adam is one of the lucky ones who has a car on campus, but if you don’t, or you want to save on gas money, the CDC has a few tricks up its sleeve that might help you survive.

While the website states the obvious such as hats and scarves, they also suggest you wear mittens instead of gloves because they hold in more heat. Also, wear a coat or long sleeves that are snug at the wrists in order to prevent heat from escaping.

When asked about her winter attire, Hayden said, “I wear my ‘mom coat’, which is a knee-length, down jacket that zips up to my eyes with a hood with faux fur on it.”

Although she admitted people give her crazy looks, as long as she beats the cold, she is going to continue to flaunt it.

Although we are all dreaming of sunny beaches and outdoor barbecues, winter is far from over. Who knows? With the upcoming cold weather, the groundhog’s hole could be frozen shut, so don’t be shocked if we have six more weeks of winter!

Stephanie Lipinski

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