The Fashionable Fox: Style Advice From a College Girl

Laura Fox, News Editor

Happy spring, stylish students!

With only a few weeks until final exams, schoolwork continues to pile up and stress levels are through the roof!

Tests, projects and presentations begin to take us under, and there is no swimming to shore until the final week of May.

The grand finale of spring semester is way more difficult because of the beautiful weather and the anticipation of a three-month summer break.

Until then, the combination of stress and distraction builds, and it is no pretty site.

I’m sure you are wondering how the Fashionable Fox can help with this overwhelming stress. Well, trust me, I have just the right stylish trick up my sleeve.

People used to tell me great workouts can relieve stress, and in the simplest of terms, I thought they were crazy.

I continued to think that all the way up until I attended my first yoga class. I practiced yoga all summer and boy, did I feel refreshed and relaxed most days.

This was when I realized that, yes, a great workout that you thoroughly enjoy will relieve stress, and you should make time for it!

Now, I am an advocate for going to the gym on days where everything is crushing you, spending an hour treating your body kindly and then returning to the abyss of endless schoolwork with a fresh, relaxed mind.

Something else I am an advocate for, as you are already aware, is wearing a great outfit. And I continue to advocate this even when I am at the gym.

It is easy to just throw on a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants, but you know what is just as easy? Not being motivated to workout at all.

For any occasion, when you put on the right outfit, you will feel great, which promotes confidence and motivation. This attitude holds true with workout clothing as well.

When I plan to go to the gym to de-stress, I pack a workout outfit that is not only comfortable but also stylish. When I look at myself in the mirror, I want to work that much harder just because I feel awesome in the clothes I am wearing.

I have a whole cabinet in my room dedicated to workout gear because I have found so many fun pieces at great deals. Here are some tips I have for you.

First off, workout apparel can be so expensive. Although the pieces I see at Sports Authority are irresistible, I do not have the cash to spend on a $50 tank top, which is why I continue to shop resale even for my workout gear.

With that being said, it is important to be very picky when hunting for these items. Since people workout in this clothing, many of the pieces you will find are worn out. Stay away from those.

I hunt down the gear that has tags still attached or that have been worn very little or not at all. Also, be sure to wash any workout apparel before wearing just as a safety precaution.

I shared with you in the past that Target sends over their overstock and leftover clearance to Goodwill. When they clearance out their C9 by Champion workout gear, I always find awesome pieces for dirt-cheap at Goodwill.

I bought brand new sports bras, workout tank tops and yoga capris for $3 a piece. That is a huge steal for sports apparel!

The only piece of workout gear I invest in brand new is the shoes. We can all be pretty specific about shoes, especially when they are gym shoes, so go with a brand you love.

I prefer Nike, but I usually buy from Kohl’s since they cost less than other retailers like Foot Locker or Nike directly. Also, if I have any Kohl’s coupons, I still get a good deal for something brand new!

I tend to stick to gym shoes that are a neutral tone with a small pop of color or pattern. My current Nike Free Runs are black with a black and white pattern on the top of the foot.

If neon colored gym shoes are more your style, go for it! Whatever boosts your motivation while working out should be your go-to.

Speaking of style, find what workout gear suits you best. Since I practice yoga, I tend to gravitate toward tighter fitting pieces that won’t hang in my way while holding poses.

A pair of black yoga capris, a fun patterned sports bra and a loose tank top are my go-to pieces.

Other days, you can find me on the elliptical watching some Netflix. Then, I wear a loose pair of running shorts and a soft t-shirt that I can move in.

Whatever styles are comfortable and fit your workout routine should be the styles you hunt for. Go with whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful!

Until next time, stay motivated and stylish!

Laura Fox is a senior double majoring in journalism and public relations/advertising, with a minor in social media. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Flyer. She has her own fashion blog, The Fashionable Fox, and is also Corey Crawford’s biggest fan. She dreams of someday working in community relations for the NHL.

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