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Whether viewers want to enhance your knowledge of Christianity or procrastinate on homework, “The Bible” is readily available on Netflix for anyone to enjoy.

Julia Mach, Religion Editor

For many college students, it is nearly impossible not to binge-watch a TV show or two streaming on Netflix. While some college students may choose to binge-watch “House” or “Galavant,” another series one may consider is “The Bible.”

“The Bible” is a History Channel-produced miniseries that premiered back in 2013, and is within the top fifteen movies or series to stream under the Faith and Spirituality category on Netflix. Each of the ten episodes last 48 minutes and tell itsown self-contained story.

Series opener, “In the Beginning,” focuses on the story of Noah. An angry God decides to cleanse humanity of evil by flooding the entire earth, forcing Noah to build an ark in order to save himself and his family. The episode opens on Noah telling the story of creation and covering the events that have led up to this moment. After an enticing introduction, the episode goes into greater depth of Noah’s awe-inspiring tale.

The first episode may feel very familiar, as it is based on one of the Bible’s most well-known stories, but other episodes focus on lesser-known narratives.

One episode in particular that focuses on a relatively unknown Bible story is “Survival,” which tells the harrowing story of when the Jews had been enslaved by the Babylonians. The Jewish King had not heeded the warnings of the prophet Jeremiah to surrender to the Babylonians, leading to their conquering. This forces the Jewish people to put their faith to the test and believe in the power of God to save them.

This is a story from the Bible that is not often told, due to more focus being placed on the story of Mary and Joseph before the birth of Jesus. However, this series does take the time to give more detailed background information before introducing Mary and Joseph, and continues to tell stories from the Bible up until the revelation of Saint John.

“The Bible” is a very nostalgic miniseries, which could effectively remind some viewers of their childhood if they grew up in a Catholic household. Viewers will have wished that they could have seen this miniseries in their childhood because of how well the stories are depicted.

“The Bible” is a powerful miniseries that causes viewers to think about the overall series as well certain moment throughout the various episodes. Even though some viewers may already have a good background knowledge on the series’ stories from its source material, this series still can captivate anyone’s attention. If a viewer is not religious, “The Bible” is worth a watch because of its good storylines, great acting and the fact that is could provide useful background information to those who may be taking a religion class in the future.

Julia Mach
Julia Mach is a junior english and secondary education major. This is her first year as Flyer religion editor. She loves musicals and reading.

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