The beauty of a “White Christmas”

“Snow! Snow! Snow! It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow! Snow, I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow” sings Rosemary Cloony, Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby and Vera-Ellen in the 1954 classic holiday film “White Christmas.” The sound of these four epic voices are a staple of the holiday season for many Americans and for good reason.

That good ol’ four part harmony accompanied by the piano and various instrumental sounds of Christmas (reindeer footsteps, bells jingling and french horns) has a way of making even the scroogiest scrooges smile.

Songs from the movie like “White Christmas” and “Love and the Weather Sister” bring back wonderful memories of when I was a child sitting around the television singing along with every word.

Take two old war buddies turned musical act and add two beautiful performers of equal talent to the mix and they’re sure to get mixed up in a bit of mischief.

For Phil Davis (Danny Kaye) all it took was the pretty face of Judy Haynes (Vera-Ellen) to get him into trouble. With a bit of plotting he manages to get himself, his good buddy Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby), Judy and her sister Betty Haynes (Rosemary Clooney) all on the same train to Vermont.

“Vermont should be beautiful this time of year with all that snow” Judy says.  When they arrive with skiing equipment in hand they are shocked and disappointed  to step onto the snow-less Vermont ground.

Things turn around for them when they run into their Major General Thomas F. Waverly (Dean Jagger) the owner of the bed and breakfast where the four travelers are staying. It turns out that business is bad this year since there is no snow to attract the ski slope seeking tourists.

Determined to bring in some business the four musical stars do some more scheming to make the holiday a special one for their favorite Army General.

Directed by Michael Curtis “White Christmas” has all the elements that make Christmas such a special time of year: Thoughtfulness, love, family and friends, great holiday music, and of course, snow.

With picturesque views and romance oozing out of the seams “White Christmas” is one of those films that never gets old and never fails to bring a smile to your face.

The Lewis Flyer

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