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“Super Mario Odyssey” marks the first open world entry in the series in almost 15 years.

Everyone’s favorite plumber made his first appearance on the Nintendo Switch in a game many are calling a “masterpiece” on Oct. 27.


The newest entry in the series follows Mario as he and his new partner Cappy, a hat with a soul that helps Mario on his adventures, in their search for Princess Peach and Cappy’s sister Tiara.


Cappy is a recent addition to the franchise who allows Mario to possess many of the creatures in Mushroom Kingdom. Along with the newest sidekick are plenty of new characters and enemies who help and challenge those who grew up with Mario as well as those who are new to the “Super Mario” games.


“Odyssey” also blends the 2D and 3D styles together, which creates a nostalgic atmosphere for those who played the original entries to the series just over three decades ago. The integration of this feature is flawless and adds more depth to an already rich and thought out story.


Instead of stars or even the sun shaped Star Sprites seen in “Super Mario Sunshine,” Mario is now in search of Power Moons, which he uses to power the vehicle called “Odyssey” that gets him from world to world. There are 836 moons spread throughout each kingdom in “Super Mario Odyssey” and the exploration for these collectibles makes up a good portion of the game.


The various challenges and puzzles to find all of the Power Moons in the game keeps players engaged for hours on end. On the first pass through the main story, players only need to collect 124 or about 14 percent of the total number of moons.


The smooth gameplay and thought provoking puzzles surely set apart this game from many of the other entries featuring Mario. This coupled with the gorgeous scenery and soundtrack make “Odyssey” a tour de force. The creativity and attention to detail shows that Nintendo aims to give its fans what they want.


“Super Mario Odyssey” is a refined take on the classic series. While it is not as groundbreaking as one of its predecessors, “Super Mario 64,” Mario’s latest adventure is a love letter to the previous entries in the franchise and it is sure to go down as one of his best adventures.

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