Twitter testing 280 character tweet limit 'The Walking Dead' rises again BY ERIN PATRICK

Photo by Erin Patrick.

Fans await the 10th episode premiere viewing to begin outside the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

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The newest season of “The Walking Dead” kicked off on Sunday, Oct. 23. The show reached one of its biggest achievements, broadcasting its 100th episode.


To honor the beginning of the eighth season, the show hosted a premiere at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Fans from all around the U.S. gathered to watch the premiere while being surrounded by past and present cast members, celebrities and executive producers of the show.


“Walking Dead” enthusiasts have been waiting to see the downfall of Negan, the show’s most recent villain. Rick Grimes and his crew showed that they are still a force to be reckoned with when they arrive at Negan’s doorstep, armed and ready to begin an all out war.


Although the plot of the television show is finally reaching an important peak as demonstrated in the comics, the season eight premiere drew in one the lowest opening ratings at 11.4 million viewers, while season seven’s premiere had 17.03 million viewers. However, it could be argued that this season’s opener could not be compared to last because of the major cliffhanger that was left to be answered by the start of season seven.


Nonetheless, “The Walking Dead” is one of few shows that could encounter such a large decline of viewers and maintain stable ratings.


Those who were in attendance at the premiere were able to watch a live two-hour taping of “Talking Dead” hosted by Chris Hardwick. The “Talking Dead” has been running on air after each new episode of “The Walking Dead” since the second season premiere. Hardwick joked about being a “therapist” to fans of the AMC apocalypse-themed drama since “Talking Dead” recaps each episode and has helped fans grieve major deaths that have occurred in the show.


With the first episode showcasing the war that is about to begin between the Grimes’ crew and Negan and the Saviors, fans of the show can only hope  the momentum continues throughout the remainder of this season.


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