Students Need to Watch What They Say on Social Media

Staff Editorial

As much as some of you may try to deny it, we are all avid users of social media. We’d much rather be scrolling through our Instagram or Twitter feeds than paying attention in class, which is definitely not something we condone.

However, there are times while scrolling through our multiple feeds that we see something that makes us stop in our tracks. Did he really just say that on his public Twitter profile? Most students don’t think twice about what they say on social media, and while it may not seem like an issue at the moment, it definitely will be.

Many of us here at The Flyer are seniors, and the job hunt is unfortunately creeping up on us. Employers are more skilled at using Google than you might think, and with the Internet essentially being a never-ending vortex and memory keeper, don’t expect those things you’ve posted to stay hidden forever. Your drunken shenanigans will eventually catch up with you, which may just leave you jobless on your parents’ pullout sofa for the next five years.

Are we here to convince you to delete your accounts and preach that social media is awful? Absolutely not.

Please continue to post Taylor Swift song lyrics and complain about the boyfriend of six days who broke your heart, but put your accounts on private. It’s honestly embarrassing knowing that so many students haven’t done so and leave their inappropriate escapades out there for the world to see.

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