Students Being Lazy and Creating Their Own Parking Spots

Staff Editorial

Why do students think it’s all right to create their own parking spot when the lot is clearly full? Either, one, come earlier to campus by leaving maybe 10 minutes beforehand, or two, park in an actual spot that has all three yellow lines and learn to deal with walking the extra distance.

Once students hit the college world, you are considered an adult, and that means even the little details of your life become a responsibility. Don’t think when you have the full-time job downtown, you’ll be able to park closer to a fire hydrant or disobey the “No Parking” street signs without any consequences.

Why some students get away with piling up outside the yellow parking lines in some of the lots without a ticket held down by their windshield wipers doesn’t make sense. So students are lazy and they get away with it because there are no consequences enforced. Go figure. Some of us will only be able to learn the little things the hard way.

Parking outside the lines and creating your own space can be a serious problem. It is harder to get out of some lots on campus compared to others, and of course those are the lots next to the buildings. This is also where students decide to pile up and make it harder for those who follow the rules.

We know this Staff Editorial might sound like a pain for students to read, but we also know you are all thinking the same thing or are guilty of parking outside those yellow lines, even when you are well aware it is wrong.

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