Students Await Security Contest Results

Laura Fox, News Editor

From Jan. 19 to Feb. 13, Lewis students, faculty and staff have spread the word and voted daily for the Stanley Safer Schools Security Grant.

Votes were counted via twitter, text message and the Stanley website.

A large amount of campus took part in this contest, and even outside families and friends helped by voting.

Students spread the word through social media, encouraging everyone they know to help out.

The Lewis community was informed about how beneficial winning the grant money would be to improve the security of the school.

On Feb. 12, Lewis hung on the No. 3 spot, but only the schools that come in first and second place will receive money.

After the voting closed, Stanley Security stated that the winners will be announced on their website on March 3.

So now, the waiting begins.

Larry Vinson of LUPD, who was also responsible for organizing much of the promotion for the contest is pleased with the support that was received from all around campus.

“It seemed to pull people together, and I received a lot of positive comments,” Vinson said.

Of those positive comments, Dr. James Houlihan shared his feedback with Vinson and the Lewis community via email.

“Thank you for getting us into this, giving us continual updates and info and pushing us consistently! I hope your efforts and all the efforts by those who care gives Lewis the fruits of victory,” Houlihan said.

Vinson confirmed that 189 communities participated in the contest, and some communities had multiple schools in the voting lineup.

Therefore, Lewis’ ability to secure a No. 3 spot is quite impressive.

Although the results are unknown at the time, there is much hope that the last votes counted gave the extra push needed to secure the No. 1 or 2 spot.

Students, faculty and staff are now being encouraged to view the results on March 3.

“I hope we do win, but even if we don’t, I think it brought the campus together,” Vinson said.

With only a week left until the winning schools are announced, the campus community waits in suspense to find out if the hard work put into promoting and voting has paid off.

Laura Fox
Laura Fox is a senior double majoring in journalism and public relations/advertising, with a minor in social media. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Flyer. She has her own fashion blog, The Fashionable Fox, and is also Corey Crawford’s biggest fan. She dreams of someday working in community relations for the NHL.

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