STAFF EDITORIAL: WHERE WE STAND: Social media: It’s not just personal

After the creation of Facebook, social media began to build on the Internet revolution that started nearly two decades ago. Communication through a social networking website was certain to change the way we interact with others and how we are engaged. Similar sites followed suit, such as Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google Plus and LinkedIn.

Yet, it is becoming more than just a site for communication. As the number of Facebook users increase by the second (as you’re reading this, more users are joining), businesses and organizations are reaching out to attract new users, new customers and to spur innovation in how the world works.

However, the idea that social media is still strictly for personal usage is still out there. The usage of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Tumblr have repeatedly conveyed the idea that social media is strictly for users and their personal interactions. Not so.

Many professionals believe that social media would be of no benefit to them. They see its only use as being an outlet for people to post trivial information like what they did over the weekend or what food they ate today. That mindset is not a good one to have.

Social media allows for constant communication at any time. With a click of the mouse, a person has access to a wealth of information. It is an incredibly inexpensive way to reach a huge population that is spending increasing amounts of time online.

Sure, there are risks involved with using social media. An example of that can be seen involving the company Urban Outfitters. After an artist’s angry tweet accusing the company of stealing her designs, Urban Outfitters’ less-than-appropriate response caused them major public relations problems.

Despite the risk that continual communication through social media can cause a company, several of them are developing smart and creative ways of using this technology. To stay relevant with today’s audiences, social media is a must.

So as the social media chapter of the Internet revolution is continued to be written at every waking hour of the day, we call on students to appreciate and distinguish. Perhaps social media can help you as you build your career or it can help you network.

Whatever the case, social media is not just personal anymore.

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