Intramurals enhance students' experiences BY JOYCE BALASH

Photo by Adam Burkhart.

Students huddle together during an intramural flag football game.

Offering nearly 20 different sports and activities, the intramural sports program provides recreational activities for both men and women on campus and gives students a chance to be more involved in the university.


Intramural sports takes place Monday through Thursday beginning at 9 p.m. and running until midnight. This time slot has made it convenient for students to participate while doing the best to avoid conflicts with classes and work schedules.


The intramural program also provides student worker opportunities for many people on campus. Included in these positions are senior history major Nick Falese and junior sports managment major, Keith Sonichsen, who are two of the supervisors for the intramural staff.


“Intramurals bring a wide variety of sports to campus,” said Falese. “They range from wiffle ball, to flag football and even ping pong. There is a sport for every person and we encourage all students to get involved.”


Every two weeks a different sport takes place, starting from the time school begins in August for Welcome Week and running through the beginning of December.


 In the spring, the program resumes the week after students return from winter break, and continues until the week before finals.


 “Intramurals is a great way for athletes to get a chance to compete in sports if they chose not to continue their athletic career in college,” said Sonichsen. “It also provides students with a way to meet new people and make new friends.”


In any given semester, there can be an up to 300 students competing in the various sports that are offered. Many who compete in one sport come back and join another because they enjoyed their experiences.


“I enjoy coming to intramurals because it is a good way to interact with other people and those you might not have met before,” said junior journalism major Benjamin Kasbeer. “It’s always a great time to have some friendly competition.”


“It’s a popular program on campus,” sophomore undecided major Lydia Kozlowski said of the intramurals sports program. “It’s a way to joke around and have fun with a good group of people to get your mind off of school work.”


Each year, the intramural sports program works to expand their selection to cater to the masses. Most recently added was a minute to win it game and three-on-three NERF wars.


“Intramurals has really grown since I’ve been here at Lewis,” said senior sports managment major Phil Leibham. “They have really expanded their selection of sports to play and that makes it really enjoyable.”


Two successful sports at Lewis are floor hockey and soccer. They became so popular that the program added in another session for each sport so they can be played in both the fall and spring semesters.


The intramural program is growing every year to provide Lewis students with more on- campus opportunities.


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