Simply put, the ‘best’ team ever!

All great teams of the past have been described certain ways. The 1975 Reds were a machine, while the 1985 Lakers were showtime.  The 1985-86 Bears were dominant, while the 2007 Spurs were fundamentally sound.

There are no words to describe the 2009-10 Uconn women’s basketball team. Dominant, electrifying, loaded; those are all true, but none do the team justice.

They are so good. Unbeatable. Two years in a row.

They play basketball better than Paris Hilton shops; better than Celine Dion sings. They ruin opponents worse than Simon Cowell will ruin your self-esteem; dominate other teams like the Jersey Shore cast would in a dance-off.

That description still doesn’t do the team justice. No description will, so I’ll just tell you about them.

The Uconn women’s basketball team has won 78 games in a row with the same core players. They’ve won back-to-back National Championships and just completed their second undefeated season in a row.

In the 2009-10 season they didn’t just win every game, they destroyed and absolutely manhandled their opponents. Women’s college basketball should’ve adopted a slaughter rule this season so teams wouldn’t have had to play against them for the full forty minutes.

Don’t believe me?

In the 39 games Uconn played this year, they averaged 81 points per game while their opponents averaged 46 points per game. This means they won by an average of 35 points per game.

Not one team played them within single digits all year other than in the National Championship.

In the NCAA Tournament, Uconn marched to the Final Four like no team ever has in the history of college basketball, men’s or women’s. They won their first four games of the tournament by an average of 47 points.

No, that’s not a typo.

In the first round they beat Southern University by 56, and followed it up with a second round route over Temple by 54 points. The Sweet Sixteen saw them beat Iowa State by 38, and in the Elite Eight they blew out Florida State by 40.

Next, they faced Baylor and 6-foot-8 Brittany Griner in the National Semifinal.

Baylor played them really, really tough. They only lost by 20.

In the National Championship, they dominated Stanford in the second half to win 53-47.

This Uconn team was led by National Player of the year, Maya Moore. The junior forward averaged 19 points, eight rebounds and four assists per game, as well as serving as the team’s emotional leader. The team went to her when they needed a big bucket, no questions asked.

Tina Charles, also had a big year for the Huskies, as she averaged 18 points, nine rebounds and two blocks per game. Guards Kalana Greene, Tiffany Hayes and Caroline Doty understood their roles and played exceptionally well all season.

Their coach is one of the best in the history of college sports. His name is Geno Auriemma, and he has a career record of 732-122.

He won his seventh national championship, with this being his fourth undefeated team. This was also his eleventh Final Four appearance and 22nd consecutive appearance in the NCAA tournament.

He was the general behind this squad that has more talent than Dennis Rodman has tattoos. He put together this monster that has me wondering whether the top five players in the country not on Uconn’s team could beat the Uconn starting five.

See, this team was so dominant that everyone knew they were going to win the National Championship. You didn’t have to watch a lick of women’s college basketball to know this.

Some people thought this was bad for the women’s tournament, which lacks  popularity as it is.

After all, the reason we love the men’s tournament so much is because teams like Kansas will lose to Northern Iowa, and a team like Butler can conceivably makethe National Championship game.

A lot of people didn’t want to watch the women’s tournament because they knew who was going to win. There’s no way Uconn would go down like Kansas did.

Other people didn’t want to watch because they find women’s basketball boring.

I feel bad for these people that didn’t watch.

They quite possibly missed the best team ever.

The Lewis Flyer

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