SGB reflects on homecoming events week

This year’s homecoming week ended with a bang on Saturday with your Student Governing Board hosting their annual Fall Formal. For the third year running, our own Aviation Hangar was beautified for the over 400 people in attendance. There was good food, great music and lots of dancing involved.

Another major event also occurred during Fall Formal; the crowning of The Flyer King and Flyer Queen. The candidates running for Flyer King were Lonnie Lawrence, Sal Ursino, Jereme Braggs and Tracy Bradley. The nominees for Flyer Queen were Ashley Ellis, Sophia Barakat, Umber Rahman, Jessica Luckett and Julie Jarett.

At midnight and with close to 1500 total votes cast, Sal Ursino was crowned Flyer King and Jessica Luckett was crowned Flyer Queen for the 2011 school year.

CONGRATULATIONS to SAL URSINO and JESSICA LUCKETT for becoming this year’s Flyer King and Flyer Queen. Thanks to all the other candidates that ran for being a part of the Spirit of Lewis!

As the voice of the student body, Student Governing Board endeavors to partner with the faculty and staff of Lewis University to provide the best possible experience for students.

This semester, SGB would like to work with the Financial Aid office to better understand the financial aid process and improve communication between their office and the student body.

If you would like to share your compliments or concerns regarding financial aid with us, you can do so through email at, Facebook at, or Twitter @lu_sgb. We look forward to hearing from you as we continue to empower our generation!

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