Review: Boombox Cartel brings the dubs and wubs

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Americo Garcia performs as Boombox Cartel during their “Rouge Tour” at Concord Music Hall in



For many people it is in¬sanely hard to describe the sounds heard in electronic dance music tracks; especially trap and dubstep. It is not hard, however, to describe the animalistic, adrenaline rush a person can feel when those high pitched screeches, massive soundwaves and that heart-pounding bass drops especially because the wubs are just too good.


It is always a beautiful experience hearing music and sounds you have never heard before, and it had personally been awhile since I attended an EDM show where the DJ was actually DJ-ing and not just playing a pre-recorded set; very few of these types of DJ’s still exist, and Boombox Cartel is definitely one of the rare gems.


Mexican born producers /DJ’s, Americo Garcia and Jorge Medina, have quickly risen as one of the most anticipated new duos in the electronic space with their unique low end, heavy genre-blending sound. Currently residing in California, the two have played together as Boombox Cartel since early 2010, and released their first chart-smashing single “B2U” (Back 2 You) back in 2015. The single received over 3.32 million plays on SoundCloud. Since then, the two have created countless mini mixes, singles and EP’s which have always received rave reviews from their loyal fans. Their show on April 28 was no shortcoming either.


There is a distinct energetic feeling when you are front row at any rave; the cool feel¬ing of the iron rail, the anticipation growing in the faces of those around you and the unmistakable, intense force of excited emotion pouring out of everyone surrounding you. Mixing all these sensations together with the sound Boombox Cartel unleashed that night, caused quite the explosive reaction. For a solid hour and a half, Americo Garcia tore into his Pioneer DJ turntables with the most ruthless dubstep and trap music one could ever hear. Unfortunately Garcia’s partner, Jorge Medina, currently has an expired visa, and is not allowed state-side to perform as a duo. However, this did not stop Garcia from laying down one of the most incredible sets ever to be played.


Garcia started the night with a few Boombox Cartel original singles and remixes; like “Aftershock,” “The Dopest (Boombox Cartel Flip)” and “Charge (Boombox Cartel Remix).” As the night went on, the energy only felt younger. Garcia never let up, continuing to dominate the soundwaves with wild dubstep tracks, such as their songs “Jefe,” “Dem Fraid (Ray Volpe Remix)” and “Widdit (Franks Nuts Remix).”


Currently, Boombox Cartel is classified as trap music, and well known as one of the best trap producers in the world. Although, that night, very few trap songs were played, not even towards the end of the show, where Boombox Cartels more melodic tracks like “Supernatural,” “Dancing with Fire,” and the famous “BZU” were played.


Around 1:40 am on the next day, the crowd seemed to finally have enough. The aroma of sweat filled the air and everyone carried a weary, tired look on their face. But in the end the crowd had the energy deep within them to begin that ritualistic chant; “One more song!” and one more song Garcia play. Garcia dropped their latest hit, “Whisper,” a song vastly different than any other song played that night. A melodic mix of trap and dubstep, “Whisper” incorporates the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar quickly followed by a low-toned, heavy bassline that shook all of Concord Music Hall to its foundation.


As Garcia was finally finished consuming the souls of everyone in the venue with Boombox Cartels brain chemistry changing music, his smooth transitions, energetic MC-ing, taste for destruction, and welcoming and loving energy were ingredients to a recipe for an unforgettable night. After the conclusion of the show, Garcia jumped down from the stage to greet his adoring fans at the rail, where I was given the chance to let him know how talented he is and how much I loved his mu¬sic, to which he thanked me and gave me an embracing hug. He then offered to take a selfie with my significant other and I, marking the end of one of the most awe-inspiring electronic dance music shows I ever had the pleasure of at¬tending.



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