Quit Your Complaining: I Don’t Want to Live on a Concrete Slab

Roslyn Summerville, Tempo Editor

Complaint #3: There isn’t enough parking on campus!


So, as a resident here I have spent about 90 percent of my time on Lewis’ property and I have noticed that there is an incredible amount of parking already here.


The majority of the people who are doling out this complaint are the commuters.


Well, the fact of the matter is that the complaint isn’t about getting more parking on campus; it’s really about getting closer parking spots to the buildings.  The commuters don’t want to walk all the way across campus to their classes, because heaven forbid they have to walk a little less than ten minutes.


I mean, why should anybody have to walk that much?


But, back on topic – If you want closer parking, Lewis is going to have to cut down a ton of trees and foliage in order to make that accommodation.  I don’t know about you, but one of the deciding factors to why I came to Lewis was because I thought the campus was so beautiful.  I love the way it looks here, and if more parking was paved closer to the buildings then Lewis is going to end up looking like an ugly slab of concrete with a few buildings sticking up here and there.


I am not paying a ton of money to go to school at a factory, thanks.


Even if Lewis creates more parking opportunities, commuters will complain about the parking spaces being located so far away because that is the only available space to make new parking will be paved.


Solution: I think that a smart way to solve the commuters’ problem would be to switch the resident lots to commuter lots.  Honestly, I don’t know why the residents need to keep their cars so close to their rooms anyway.


The farthest parking lots should be where the residents keep their cars, and the closer lots, such as the Fitz and North parking lots, should be open to the commuters to use.  However, I fully understand that this change would make the residents extremely angry; they also feel that they are entitled to the closest spaces.


I understand that residents pay a lot of money, so they should be able to park wherever their little hearts desire.



But, I think that the residents with cars need to understand that they probably aren’t using their cars as often, whereas nearly all commuters drive to campus everyday.  If you’re not going to use your car the most, then you shouldn’t have the best parking space.

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