Primary candidates chosen for 2018 election

Graphic by David Olsen.


On Tues. March 20, citizens took to the polls for the 2018 election for primary candidates for governor of Illinois.


Gov. Bruce Rauner beat one of the top candidates, Jeanne Ives, for the Republican Party while billionaire J.B. Pritzker won the Democratic race.


Between the two candidates, a total of $120 million of their own personal money was spent to fund their campaigns. ABC reports that this election could be one of the most expensive governor’s race in the U.S. after California’s 2010 race that cost $280 million.


Rauner’s campaign focuses on increasing educational funding, vetoing Mike Madigan’s 32 percent income tax increase and creating higher paying jobs in Illinois.


Pritzker, heir of the Hyatt Hotel chain, says he will focus on restoring social services in Illinois, balancing the state budget and providing more financial assistance to schools, including places of higher education.


“It’s a good idea for Lewis students to take time and do homework on the candidates,” said Freshman Senator Jaylen Bush. “We can’t judge a candidate based on red or blue.”


In the local election, primary votes narrowed down to the final candidates for Will County. Rep. Laurie McPhillips and Dem. Lauren Staley-Ferry are the primary picks for County Clerk. Staley-Ferry beat Denise Much-Rumchak, who was the Lockport Township Clerk and a favored candidate.


Lewis University graduate, Rep. Steve Weber, is the only candidate for County Treasurer. Weber took office as treasurer in 2010 and focuses his campaign on financial safety, strategic innovation and helpful service. Weber obtained his B.A. in accounting from Lewis and has been a successful businessman for over 25 years.


Another close primary is the race for County Sheriff, where Rep. Jim Reilly will run against current Sheriff, Dem. Mike Kelley. Candidates are preparing for the general election, which will take place in November 2018.


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