PHOTOS: College Student Survival Guide: How to Do Laundry


Doing laundry can be a tough job when the steps to do the laundry are not clear. Here are 11 easy steps to follow when doing the laundry at Lewis or even at home. Follow these steps, and your clothing will be sure to last longer!
Step 1: Gather materials needed, such as laundry sheets or detergent, dryer sheets, hangers and a clothes basket.
Step 2: Sort your clothes by color. When labels say wash with like colors, you should. Blacks with blacks, jeans with jeans and whites with whites.

Step 3: Load your clothes into the washing machine. Because these washers are right side up, you do not have to worry about distributing them evenly throughout the wash. Be sure not to overload the machine. It will not clean your clothes.

Step 4: Using your selected detergent, measure one cap full of liquid and pour in designated spot. Do not add too much. The machine cannot detect if all the soap has rinsed out.

Step 5: Select the correct temperature. Use hot water for whites, linens and towels. Use cold for anything you do not want to shrink or fade. Use warm for everything else.

Step 6: Hand wash delicates separate. The washer spins too fast for certain fabric and will ruin plus possibly tangle your clothing item.

Step 7: Hang delicates, jeans, dress pants and wrinkle prone items to dry.

Step 8: Remove clothes from washer. Load into dry. Shake clothes out to reduce wrinkles.

Step 9: Add dryer sheet for a fresh smell.

Step 10: Be sure to clean the lint screen before you start dryer. This will allow for the heat to dry your clothes faster and could prevent a potential fire. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for burning down an entire dorm, would you?

Step 11: Select correct temperature. Try to use the lightest setting possible. The dryers at Lewis have extremely high heat and can ruin your clothes. Remove them from the dryer at end of cycle and fold immediately!

Wa-la! Laundry in 11 easy steps.


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