Production of "Mr. Burns" presented at PLT

“Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play” wrapped up production last weekend at the Philip Lynch Theatre (PLT). This three-act play by Anne Washburn takes place in a post-apocalyptic U.S. and follows a group of survivors who create a theater troupe that perform reruns of the iconic cartoon series, "The Simpsons."


“Mr. Burns” was directed by professor of theatre history, Dr. Kevin Trudeau. It also featured alumni Mike Frale as guest vocal director and Jordin Richards as guest choreographer.


Junior psychology major Jamie Voustros was the stage manager for “Mr. Burns.” “I had a phenomenal time working with such a diverse production staff,” said Voustros. “There were a lot of varying levels of experience within the cast and crew, but everyone was very supportive of one another.” Voustros was faced with the challenge of bringing everything together while dealing with a very complex script.


Kayla Carson, a junior theatre major, played the roles of Colleen and an FBI agent in the first and second acts of the show respectively, but starred as Mr. Burns in the third act of the show. “This show was a lot of fun to work on,” said Carson. “I really love concept of this story, and it was fun to be able to make it come to life.” A story as abstract as this certainly posed many challenges to the cast and crew, but they really made it come together in the end.


Some of the audience members in the lobby during intermission and after the performances were scratching their heads at what they just watched. According to sophomore paralegal studies major Stephanie Dominguez, “the show was kind of confusing in the beginning, but was very entertaining once it became clear what was going on.” Some confusion is to be expected when the production staff is working with such an intricate, contemporary script.


“Mr. Burns” will be featured from Nov. 16-19. Up next at the PLT is the “13th Annual Holiday Spectacular” running from Dec. 7-9. For tickets or more information call (815) 836-5500.



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