Office of Technology Response to the Flyer Staff Editorial

A recent editorial in October 6, 2014 edition of “The Flyer” newspaper contained an unfavorable depiction of the current state of technology at Lewis University.  In the article, the author expressed several concerns related to access and support of technology.  The author expressed that these concerns hinder teaching and learning on campus.

The Office of Technology appreciates all feedback we receive from the University community, and we take this feedback under advisement as we work to improve technology resources and support.  However, we believe that the article is an incomplete commentary on the state of technology here at Lewis University.

The Office of Technology is working diligently to improve technology resources and support on all of our campuses.  Over the last 18 months, the staff has been conducting research and gathering data on the state of the University’s technology.  We have been listening to (and working with) the various constituencies on campus to determine the technology needs and priorities.  The aforementioned efforts have resulted in a number of changes within the Office of Technology, and the majority of the University community has received the changes favorably.

Due to the general nature of the statements made in the editorial, it is impossible to address the concerns specifically.  However, the following is commentary on recent improvements the University has made in the technology resources mentioned in the article:

Wireless Connectivity:

The Office of Technology continues to work to ensure that the ever-growing wireless connectivity demands are met.  In the past two years, the University has made large investments in its wireless infrastructure.  In the past 2 years, the University has installed nearly 800 new access points to increase wireless connectivity.  Currently, wireless connectivity is available in all building on campus.  Moreover, the Office of Technology continues to increase wireless connectivity in areas of increased use.

Classroom Technology:

Currently, over 95% of all rooms designated as teaching spaces have technology resources available for faculty use.  At a minimum, these spaces are outfitted with multimedia projectors, screens (and/or SmartBoard), connections for computers, sound systems, and Internet access (both wired and wireless).  Many rooms contain more than the baseline equipment.  In the few rooms void of equipment, mobile resources are available for use.

The Office of Technology has also started a project to install permanent computers in each of the learning spaces.  The project is ongoing, and it will be completed as soon as time and resources will allow.

Technology Support:

Please note that our primary objective is to provide technology resources and support to all members of our community.  Our staff, graduate assistants, and student workers all work to provide timely technical support.  As an organization, we are aware of the increasing demands of the university, and we have started the process of requesting additional resources (including staff, a new (more efficient) service ticket system, and new support call center) to meet this growing demand.

Lewis University believes that technology is a priority in preparing students.  The Office of Technology staff are dedicated members of the University community that work hard to provide the technology services and support the University’s technology demands.  However, there is room for improvement in technology operations, and we will continually work toward improved technology access, quality customer service, and on-demand support.  If technical support is needed, we respond as quickly as the given circumstances allow.

Community feedback is important in creating an appropriate technology presence that supports the strategic mission of the University.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can improve technology resources and services.  Questions, comments, and/or concerns can be forwarded to the University Technology Services operations located in the lower level of the Learning Resource Center (LRC).  Commentary can also be submitted in person, via phone (x5950), or by email (

The strategic goal of the Office of Technology is to …

“Deliver outstanding, innovative technologies that create effective, distinct learning environments and promote increasingly efficient processes for the entire Lewis community.”


LeRoy Butler, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Technology

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