Practice makes perfect BY MERVYN JOHN

It’s the teams first practice inside and believe it or not, they are not happy. This week started with chilly weather, wind gusts and cold temperatures which the indoor track protects us from. The downside of running workouts in an indoor track is that the lanes are tighter and curves on the track are twice as sharp as outdoor track and running on it hurts. There’s almost no difference when compared to running on concrete. After running on the curve at high speeds a few times, you really start to feel it in your legs and it’s really painful. Marcus Holly said “I couldn’t do the entire workout because my legs hurt too much.” We won’t be outside until this weather dies down.

Rise and grind BY MERVYN JOHN

Rise and shine or rather rise and grind. We don’t want to get up but we have to, or we run as punishment, even though that is what we done on a daily basis for practice. It’s six thirty in the morning and it’s dark, cold, and we’re groggy but its for the better says assistant track coach Nathan Probst. Each week we work on strengthening our muscles either upper body or lower body, lower body being one of the harder days. With the size of the team and the size of the weight room, there are times people are just standing waiting for space to open. Session do not run longer than an hour but by the time it’s over we are sore and even more tired then when we woke up. To add to that, we have to run one of our harder workouts which breaks our muscles down even further but coach say “trust the process.”


It’s one thing to see the work of a student displayed in an art gallery, but it’s another seeing the work of the teacher. As an art student, at some point in time you’ve probably wondered what kind of art your teacher makes. Most of the time their job is to teach but in this case we get to see the teacher put their skills on display. No matter how big or how small of a display. It’s truly an amazing site to see the teachers becoming the students and the students become the ones who give the grades even though it does not matter in this case.

Take a moment BY MERVYN JOHN

Lewis at sunset. You’re going to miss it when it’s gone so enjoy it as much as you can. The days are getting colder and shorter. All you want to do is get from point A to point B and you won’t have time to observe your surroundings. The leaves are falling and the clouds are turning grey more often. Soon there will be nothing left to look at. If you thought this campus looked dead on the weekends, just wait till all the leaves have fall and turned brown and are littered all over the ground. So enjoy it while it last because it’s not going to happen for another year.

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