Major Nickelodeon animator and creator leaves network BY KAYLA CHAMBERS

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Butch Hartman used his home studio to shoot videos.

After being with Nickelodeon since 1997, long-time animator and creator Butch Hartman parted with the network on Feb. 2.


If the name Butch Hartman sounds familiar, it’s most likely because his name appears in credits for shows like “Danny Phantom” and “The Fairly OddParents.” Both shows began airing in the early 2000s, around the time of adolescence for many Lewis students.


On Feb. 8, Hartman released a YouTube video on his channel in which he spoke about why he left Nickelodeon. The video has since reached 5 million views.


In the video Hartman expressed gratitude for the work he’s been able to produce at Nickelodeon.


“The amount of things I’ve been able to accomplish there has been astounding. Every dream I’ve ever had in animation, everything I could have possibly wanted to do came true at Nickelodeon,” Hartman said.


He also shared words on the end of his most recent work, “Bunsen is a Beast,” which wrapped up after one season, “a hard decision” for Hartman.


“I just knew it was time, there’s just things that you have to do in life that are beneficial to you, beneficial to your family. And I know you guys are fans, I’m not trying to let anyone down out there because I got a lot of stuff coming up,” Hartman said.


His plans in a post-Nickelodeon world include self-publishing books, advancements on his app, The Noog Network—which contains original cartoons, shows, and games—as well as a project titled, “Elf Detective.” Although, Hartman has stated that he is unsure if he is going to sell “Elf Detective”   to a company or upload the content to his YouTube channel.


Hartman is also working on projects with the company Pocket.Watch, an entertainment company for children.

For those fans of Hartman’s work, who desire to revisit the days of their youth, check out Hartman’s YouTube content. His channel is comprised of videos such as “The Untold, Animated Origin of Danny Phantom,” “Danny Phantom 10 Years Later,” as well as deleted scenes from both of Hartman’s most popular shows on Nickelodeon.


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