LUPD cracks down on speeders

Bree Scott, Co-News Editor

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of drivers that the LUPD has been pulling over for exceeding the speed limit. It’s no surprise that many drivers go over the speed limit in order to make it to classes or meetings across campus on time, and LUPD is starting to enforce the campus speed limit much more this semester.

On July 26, LUPD participated in Speed Awareness Day, in which 13 stops were made on campus for speeding. But instead of issuing citations, flyers about Speed Awareness Day were given to those who were pulled over in an effort to remind drivers to slow down.

Outside of this case, Deputy Chief of Police Mike Zegadlo was unaware of any other speeding crackdown. However, Zegadlo does believe that traffic safety needs to be monitored more closely.

“Many of our drivers on campus are distracted with mobile devices, exceed the posted 15 mph speed limit or do not come to a complete stop at stop signs,” said Zegadlo. “This, combined with our narrow roadways and abundance of pedestrian traffic, means our drivers must be mindful of traffic safety while operating motor vehicles on campus.”

Zegadlo said that since July, LUPD has only issued two moving violations, one for speeding and one for failing to stop at a stop sign. He also mentioned that LUPD has the authority to issue both State of Illinois Uniform Traffic Citations or Village of Romeoville Traffic Ordinance Citations, though LUPD doesn’t use this authority very often.

In 2016, LUPD conducted 151 traffic stops and 142 of those resulted in warnings. So far in 2017, LUPD has conducted 119 traffic stops, mostly for disobeying stop signs. In August, LUPD conducted 16 traffic stops, and in September there have been another 31 stops as of yet, with only two university citations being written to the same driver in a single case.

In any case, members of the Lewis community need to stay aware of their surroundings at all times while driving a vehicle, especially since classes let out at around the same times, there is a large flow of students crossing roads to get to their next class. It’s important to keep alert to maintain pedestrian safety for all on campus.