LUPD Cautions Drivers Due to Beginning of Baseball Season

Laura Fox, News Editor

With the start of the 2015 baseball season, the Lewis University Police Department advised members of the campus community to be aware of parking near the baseball field on game days.

Because the parking area next to the field is a widely used lot on campus, there is an underlying possibility that vehicles could be struck by foul balls.

According to LUPD, the athletics department requests a campus-wide message each spring to make drivers parking in this lot aware of the situation.

Although the alert’s purpose is to help drivers prepare for and prevent these incidents from occurring, LUPD reports that vehicle damage caused from stray baseballs is not very common.

“Since 2012, we’ve had two documented reports of vehicles damaged by baseballs,” said Lewis University Deputy Chief of Police, Mike Zegadlo.

With drivers being aware of game days, taking precautions could be the reason the incidents are low.

“We have far more cars damaged each year because of drivers parking on the end of rows in the parking lot aisles than we do because of wayward baseballs,” Zegadlo said.

Due to the small amount of damage being done, facilities is not planning to find a solution to prevent baseballs from flying into the lot.

“As we analyze risk management from a broad perspective, this type of occurrence would be pretty low on the list of immediate priorities toward which to allocate resources,” Zegadlo said.

As baseball season begins to heat up and more games are hosted at Lewis, students, faculty and staff should plan ahead when deciding where they wish to park.

“I would advise drivers to use their best judgment. The closer to the baseball field one parks, the higher the likelihood of a baseball hitting one’s car,” Zegadlo said. “However, the low frequency of these accidents must be considered in the decision making process. Each driver will have to weigh that out for themselves and make a decision that he or she is comfortable with.”

Upcoming games will be held on April 18 and 19 at noon, April 28 at 4 p.m. and May 1 and 2 at noon.

Laura Fox
Laura Fox is a senior double majoring in journalism and public relations/advertising, with a minor in social media. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Flyer. She has her own fashion blog, The Fashionable Fox, and is also Corey Crawford’s biggest fan. She dreams of someday working in community relations for the NHL.

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