Lewis community remembers Dr. Lange

The following reflection has been submitted by one of Dr. Lange’s former students. The student has asked for privacy at this time. The Flyer vouches for the authenticity of this piece and the credibility of the writer.

The Lewis University community lost a beloved assistant psychology professor on Jan. 27. Dr. Matthew Lange was a cherished member of the psychology department and has made a tremendous impact on many lives.

Lange was admired for his passion for psychology and helped many students realize their passion for the field.

“Dr. Lange touched the lives of so many individuals. Several students have told me that his general psychology course was the reason they decided to become psychology majors,” said Dr. Matthew Domico, assistant professor of psychology. “His love for his job was always reflected in his work; he was a passionate, talented teacher who always made himself available to students. I admired him. He made an unforgettable impact on our department.”

Students, faculty and staff looked up to Lange and his genuineness for everyone he encountered. He was very welcoming and always made people feel as if they could succeed in anything they set their minds to accomplish.

Lange made sure to encourage his students to be the best they could be, even when they felt the stress of life weighing down on their shoulders.

“Dr. Lange was a kindred, equitable and sincere adviser,” said another former student. “I love that man for all the care and wisdom he gave even when I felt overwhelmed. He spoke so calmly and diligently about the importance of standing out during times of strife. In time, I hope his family finds peace. Dr. Lange gave me hope that even when the world turns dark, the magic of belief in yourself can light your way.”

Lange left his mark on everyone he met. He was more than just a professor or adviser to most students; he was a role model who reassured them in times of struggle.

His name was one many heard often throughout the psychology department. His loss is as shocking and saddening as one could imagine. The wonderful stories of how he has helped others and made a difference in their lives are what we will remember.

May peace and comfort find those who need it during this difficult time.

Dr. Matthew Lange, you will be missed dearly and your legacy lives on.

The Lewis Flyer

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