Letter to the Editor

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To the Editor,

Hello to everyone at the Lewis Flyer! I’d like to request something that doesn’t really pop up in your articles very often: life after college. Your work is outstanding, but there never seems to be any real news or advice on what students may expect after they walk the stage. As an undergrad senior, I’ve experienced many situations, but the preparation for a career and life outside of academia has not been one of them. Career Services does lend their support, however, what is really to be expected outside of the classroom?

Do you believe that all of the Lewis professors are really preparing their students with the best knowledge and skills possible? On the other hand, are professors just spoon feeding students with generalized and generic information?
Besides the generic, feel-good answer, what is the real expectation for the futures of Millennials or Gen Y?




Cassandra Pruitt

The Lewis Flyer

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