Letter to the Editor

Photo by Alex Veeneman

Recently, Lewis University made some questionable calls on a very serious issue. This issue I am referring to is the extreme cold weather that we were faced with this winter. On January 27th nearly every school in the area was shut down due to the incredibly dangerous levels of cold that we faced. However, January 28th came around and we faced even colder temperatures and somehow we were back in school. There are many issues that can take place when we have school in these conditions. For resident students, long walks from their dorm rooms to their classrooms could become potentially dangerous. For staff and commuter students, the drive to school is potentially dangerous with the state of the roads and the dependability of our cars in such harsh conditions.

I am not one to call for a snow day every time we get an inch of accumulation or call for a cold day on any day that dips below 32 degrees. However, these conditions were extreme. I just feel the policy in place should be slightly modified in the future to ensure the highest degree of safety for the students and staff.


Thank you,


Brett Ernst

The Lewis Flyer

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