Injured Student is Focus of Fundraising Efforts

Stephanie Lipinski, Print Editor-In-Chief

In response to a student’s tragic motorcycle accident, Lewis students and staff have come together to help provide for his care by raising funds.

Senior aviation major Mike MacNaughton was involved in a serious accident on Monday, Nov. 10. MacNaughton was driving his motorcycle home from Lewis when his front tire hit a pothole, and he lost control of the motorcycle. He crashed into a pole and ricocheted into a pylon. MacNaughton was brought by ambulance to a nearby hospital and then airlifted to Loyola.

MacNaughton was rushed to surgery that night to remove his spleen.  His other injuries include three broken ribs, a fractured ulna and radius in his arm, a punctured and collapsed lung and a severe concussion.

MacNaughton is well liked on campus and is active in the Sigma Delta fratority and the aviation fraternity Alpha Eta Rho.

Alpha Eta Rho and Sigma Delta fraternities are working together to organize a Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser sometime within the next couple weeks to help with MacNaughton’s medical expenses. The event will be promoted via Facebook according to Kristian Sogge, senior aeronautics and technology major.

“The Aviation Department is taking donations right now for the family in Diane Blazevich’s office throughout the next couple weeks,” said Sogge.

In addition, Angela Nicole Golz, a friend of MacNaughton’s, created a GoFundMe profile to take online donations. As of Nov. 13, the online fundraiser already raised over $1,300.

“Our goal is to raise as much as possible,” Sogge said. “Right now his parents are taking time off work to spend time with him. Even if we can make sure they don’t have to worry about an electric bill or water bill, any little bit helps.”

MacNaughton remains in the front of his classmate’s minds, and they want him to know that everyone is praying for his complete recovery.

“Mike is one of those people that no matter how bad of a day you are having you will feel a thousands times better just bumping into him,” Bryan Lochner, a member of Sigma Delta said. “To see this accident happen to him, and then see all of the people he has touched come out and support him, I hope he knows that he is incredibly loved on campus. I hope he has a speedy recovery.”

According to Sogge, MacNaughton’s parents are asking people for prayers and positive thoughts.

If interested in making a donation, stop by Diane Blazevich’s office in the aviation department or give online at

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