Homecoming ‘Was, Is, Will Be’ … a Major Disappointment?

Staff Editorial 

Another  homecoming weekend has come and gone. But while most students should be looking back on a week of wonder, more are likely scratching their heads, asking, “Wait, we had a homecoming?”

The homecomings of yesteryear used to be advertised more than the series finale of “Breaking Bad.” This year’s, however, seemed to just pop up all of the sudden. It was as if those planning the event were sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, when suddenly they remembered, “Oh, wait. Don’t we have that thing with the dance and the events and stuff?”

Most may call this accusation unfair. After all, there was a dance. But that dance was noticeably smaller than the dances in years past.

Students were not the only ones left in the dark about the event. Those nominated for homecoming court were also caught a little off guard about this year’s festivities.

Last year, for example, a handful of men and women were nominated for homecoming king and queen, respectively. After filling out an application, the nominees took part in an interview with members from the Student Governing Board. After SGB listened to each candidate, the student council group picked five nominees for king and another five for queen. Then, after students voted, the king and queen were announced at the dance.

This year, an email was sent out to all those nominated. And just how did SGB pick those who were on the homecoming court?

The first five men and women to respond saying they wanted to run were chosen.

Yep, that’s it. Essentially, rather than choosing the best candidate based on academics, involvement at Lewis and character, the nominees just needed to be able to hit “send” the fastest.

The theme for this year’s homecoming was “Was, Is, Will Be,” commemorating the past, present and future of LU. Each day had a theme for students to dress. And unless each day’s theme was “Dress Like You Normally Do Day,” then I think it’s safe to say nobody really showed any interest in that.

Should SGB have been a little more proactive planning this year’s event? Should students start participating more and become more active on campus? I guess we’ll just have to wait until next year to find out.

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