Holiday Campaign Challenges Students to ‘Maintain, Don’t Gain’

Jade Osowski, Health Editor

The average adult gains between five to seven pounds over the holiday season, Thanksgiving through the days following News Years, according to the Lewis University Wellness Committee. With this, the committee has organized an annual campaign, “Maintain, Don’t Gain,” to keep students motivated during the holidays to watch their weight and keep healthy.

The campaign requires participants to weigh-in right before Thanksgiving break and then weigh-out after winter break. Both the weigh-in and weigh-out are confidential. Jill Siegfried, director of student recreation, shared that many find the program helpful.

“Those who succeed appreciate the program because they say it keeps them thinking when they are at a holiday party, and it helps them ensure that they will not over-indulge,” said Siegfried. “More often than not, they become more aware.”

Most think of Thanksgiving and winter break solely as a time to relax, and therefore put exercise on the back burner.

“It’s easy to rationalize not having time for exercise during the holidays, but taking the time for exercise will actually make it easier to get through the hectic days around the holidays,” Siegfried said.

Participants who are successful in the campaign not only gain the satisfaction of maintaining or losing weight, but also earn a Lewis portable charging station, as well as receive a chance to qualify for a free boot camp session.

Siegfried’s tips to maintaining weight include to “never arrive at a party hungry, divert your attention by socializing rather than hang out at the buffet table, be choosy about sweets—limit indulgences to small portions that are your favorites, and to walk it off either before or after.”

For those participating in this year’s campaign, or simply interested in healthy food for the holidays, the “Red and White Salad” is a good item to try. The winter fruit and vegetables bring together a confetti-like salad that is said to be bitter and sweet. Not only is this food option low in calories, but it brings some holiday spirit to the table as well.

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