Help Us Help You to Take Part in Student Government

Lauren Pratl, SGB Contributor

The Student Governing Board has made it our focus this semester to create a firm mission statement in order to better serve the students of Lewis University. We understand that some students do not know exactly how they fit into student government, and this year’s SGB is working vigorously to make our presence more prominent on campus. This aligns with SGB’s theme this year of “Greater Presence, Greater Impact.” Through different internal development initiatives, we have established that our primary purpose is to take student concerns to the administration in order to improve campus life here at Lewis. We usually count on the members of the General Assembly to bring concerns to us from their constituents. We firmly believe that in order to best serve the Lewis community as a whole, we need to hear directly from students as well. Our meetings are always open to the public, and they take place on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. in the Student Union. If you have a concern, we always make time for you to address the General Assembly. Another way to contact us is through our email:


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