Friday Fright Night: Double Feature

Theresa Marten, Religion Editor

Nothing screams Halloween than scary movies! Keep the Halloween spirit going by coming to the double feature horror film night on Friday, November 7. Be prepared to squirm in your seat during The Conjuring and Nightmare on Elm Street (the original)! The Friday fright night will begin at 7 p.m. in the Big Red Room located in the Student Union. Student literary magazine, Jet Fuel Review and the Lewis University film club are proud sponsors of this event.

In addition to the films, there will be hot and buttered popcorn and other spooky treats. During intermission there will be a raffle for special edition horror t-shirts. You will not want to miss this or come alone, so bring a friend! All are welcome!

This night of thrills, chills and treats is just one example of the different events the film club participates in. Earlier this month the film club screened Casablanca in association with the Film minor program. There is no need to go off campus or watch Netflix alone in your room when you can be with other movie lovers! The film club watches all genres and are simply a group who loves to watch and discuss. Film club is always looking for new members who are film enthusiasts or anyone who does not want to watch movies alone (especially The Conjuring).

The Jet Fuel Review is Lewis University’s student-run and faculty-advised bi-annual literary journal. Each issue features faculty, staff, students and alumni and their personal works of art including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art.

To contribute or join either of these groups, contact Dr. Simone Muench, professor of English and director of creative and professional writing at

Whether you love scary movies, special edition t-shirts, or even free popcorn, this double feature is definitely two scares you won’t want to miss.

Theresa Marten

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