Flyer Seniors Take Off

The Flyer seniors read their goodbyes to the rest of the staff on the last layout night.

BY ZACK HERNANDEZ Boy, how the time flies by. It’s been real, Pope John Paul peeps. While I may not be best friends with all of you, some of you don’t realize the impact you and this newspaper have had on my life. Sophomore year, I was really lost in terms of my career path and overall college happiness. I was confused and felt alone, as I hadn’t made many close friends in the College of Business, and I was questioning whether I made the right major choice. I’ve always been a solid writer, so I decided to look into a journalism minor to compliment my marketing skills. During the first semester of my junior year, I immediately became close friends with some great people. It really took off the next semester, though, in Hayley’s web design course. I loved the laid-back, yet serious mentality she had in class, and I slowly began to realize I made the right decision. When she asked me to join the Flyer I was hesitant, but writing about sports had always been intriguing to me. Jake and Mike were also in that class, and after seeing how they interacted with past members of the Flyer, I knew I could fit right into the group. I can’t thank Hayley enough for planting the idea in my head, and also Erin “E-Pats-Irish-Hogwarts” Patrick for helping convince me to join the Flyer squad. The people I’ve interacted with in this high-flying Flyer family have opened my mind on everything to writing concepts, music artists and even life ideas. There’s just some quality human beings in this building. I’m going to miss layout nights breaking down movies and music with Mike Lane and Parker the Great, enjoying Lisa’s pizza generosity, and huddling around the Mac with Meaghan while formatting sports. David and I will never forget the moment I almost killed Kate with laughter in Minnesota, as she hyperventilated while eating Chipotle in her hotel bed. Also, shout out to Joyce for showing me how it’s done last year. To the returning members, you’re in good hands with Tori leading sports next semester; she’s a natural. And Sam is going to kill it as editor-in-chief, along with her news b**ch Derek. The lone bone I have to pick with this journalism world is the Oxford comma, it’s still the G.O.A.T; bring it back dammit. That’s all folks, deuces. BY ANDREA JAUREGUI My time has come and I can’t believe I am about to graduate college! It feels like it was just yesterday where I saw The Lewis Flyer recruitment ad, immediately applied and turned it it to Haley. I can’t believe 2 years if The Lewis Flyer has passed! Being part of The Lewis Flyer was such a wonderful and rewarding experience. I enjoyed creating graphics and ads for the Flyer from sports updates to photo shopping Chris Crocker’s face on Tomi Lahren for Michael’s article. I admire everyone’s effort and hard work they contribute to The Flyer. I am going to miss these layout nights and being surrounded by such a great staff. I wish I could’ve brought Alvin to be part of my goodbye but he sends his wishes! With a grateful heart, I say thank you all for your friendship and cooperation. I wish you all and The Flyer success and happiness. Thank you all again and it is an honor being part of The Lewis Flyer. BY ERIN PATRICK The last three years on staff, I’ve witnessed so many seniors write their goodbye letters. Now that my time is here, I not only feel old but that time flew by faster than it takes our staff to devour two whole pizzas. The Flyer has changed me; I can meet deadlines, handle stress and spot AP style mistakes like no other. I came into Lewis thinking I’d be cheerleading for my entire collegiate career, but instead I’ve become a proud media nerd. During my time on staff, I’ve not only had the best coworkers imaginable, but also gained the best of friends. A big thank you to Jake Johnson and Michael Lane, who have become some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and have helped keep me sane over the past few years. Kamila and Zack, your goofiness brings a smile to my face every time I see you. Andrea, thank you for bringing me the pet therapy I need with Alvin. I can confidently state that the seniors graduating alongside of me have impacted my life and become a huge part of my time here at Lewis. We’ve laughed, sprinted out the doors of JP after a layout night and mastered the art of journalism as best as PR majors can. However, if there’s one thing the Flyer knows how to do, it’s how to conduct a layout night. I’m not even talking pristine organization and accurate edits (which is debatable), but more about the guaranteed pizza and puppies party. Although nights are long and stressful at times, I know that Piper chasing a blueberry will help me forget that an article needs to be 400 words longer or that there are no captions for any of the pictures. Although my time to say goodbye has come, I know that the Flyer will always be in good hands while Lisa and Hayley are in charge. They’ve shown me the light in every tunnel down in the dark JP basement, and I couldn’t have done anything without their support or advice. To next year’s staff: please continue all of our traditions in Minnesota and enjoy your time in college. It truly goes by all too fast. BY JAKE JOHNSON I can remember when I first arrived at Lewis like it was yesterday. When you first enter college, it’s scary! You have no idea how you’re going to come out on the other side when you walk across that graduation stage. The people you meet and the experiences you go through -- they’re unpredictable. Initially, I was not involved on campus, and didn’t really know what I was interested in enough to pursue. Being a public relations/advertising major, there is just not that ONE club that I would feel at home in - that was, of course, until I joined The Flyer. I remember professor Hayley Miller refusing to let me leave her class until I filled out an application, which was a good, albeit forceful, move on her part. I didn’t join until my junior year as a copy editor, but flash-forward to the end of my senior year, and I’m currently somehow running this thing with one of my best friends, Erin Patrick. I can’t say it’s the most glamorous job, but this experience is something I probably would never trade, and it’s because of the lifelong friends I have made just from the 20-person staff. Through all the 3 a.m. layout nights, the Mall of America (and that OTHER place in Minneapolis) trips, dog injuries, “Lemonade” movie nights, and Kate’s meal plan money, these experiences are with people I never plan to forget. It may be a bit dramatic, and that’s just who I am, but I am in no way the same person that moved in to Founders Hall freshman year. And it is because of these people and The Flyer that I am leaving Lewis a better person. BY MICHAEL LANE The longest nights I experienced throughout my four years of college weren’t spent at the library studying or out partying with friends. Rather, they were spent inside a basement in a corner of the Lewis campus until the early morning hours, crowded around unreliable printers and recently rebought iMacs, and surrounded by peers, advisers, one always excited poodle, another fairly indifferent [WHATEVER LISA’S DOG IS] and some of the greatest friends I have been lucky enough to know. I didn’t really have any extracurricular ambitions before college; I had never joined a club, nor was I interested in any sports. But my very first day at Lewis, when I met Lisa O’Toole, the faculty advisor for the student-run newspaper, I was almost immediately drafted as the paper’s film critic -- likely out of desperateness rather than her actually believing I was the next Roger Ebert. But I would go on to write dozens of (excruciatingly long) film reviews for the paper over the course of my four-year college career. It wasn’t until halfway through my sophomore year that I finally took the plunge and actually joined the staff as a copy editor -- even this, perhaps, wasn’t so much a decision of my own but more a forcing of my hand by current Co-Editor-in-Chief and my best friend, Erin Patrick. It was also one of the best decisions I (we?) ever made. After it all, I would be lying if I said I won’t miss showing up to layout nights a little late every time, always eating too much pizza and vigorously copy-editing a bunch of articles early into the following morning. Here’s to getting some more sleep on Thursday nights, though. BY KAMILA RINCON First off, I have to say thank you to Hayley for asking me to join the Flyer in the first place, and Lisa for her continued support and guidance through my studies. Being a layout editor, alongside two other kickbutt ladies really allowed me to have an outlet for creativity, and that’s something I’ll always be grateful to have the opportunity to express. Even though most of the time I’m just staring at a computer and clicking away, I knew that if I turned around I’d have a group of crazy, funny people that would keep me going. Meaghan, thanks for listening to all my complaining and always making me laugh through it, but most importantly thank you for being my partner in crime (if I could put a sunglasses, smiley emoji here I would). I couldn’t imagine being in a car with anyone else for 12 hours over a three-day trip and have as much fun as we did, and I really hope the fun continues. Also, I have to give a special shout out to my boss, my fellow Gemini, my number one fan (follow me on Instagram @kamrincon) and most importantly friend, Erin. You make every class and everylay out night better. Finally, I’d like to say that even though I will be leaving the Flyer and will miss it very much, I won’t be too far. I’ve been accepted to grad school here at Lewis and will be pursuing an MBA while working as a grad assistant in the Office of Marketing and Communication. I look forward to reading more issues and seeing the future of the layout design. Thanks, Flyer for helping me get my life together. Peace.

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Flyer Seniors Take Off

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