Dubstep DJ Datsik accused of sexual assault by multiple women BY ANDREW MUNOZ

Photo courtesy of anon. Facebook poster.

The anonymous accuser shared the 2011 pass from Ninja Nation in a post on Facebook.

In the midst of the nationwide movements such as “Times Up” and “Me Too,” the music industry proves to be just as guilty in similar behavior.  On March 15, Canadian DJ/producer Troy Beetles, better known as Datsik, was dropped from the roster of his talent agencies Deckstar and Circle Talent in light of numerous allegations accusing Beetles of sexually assaulting fans on his tour bus.


The dilemma began March 14 when an anonymous female posted on her Facebook account about an interaction she had with Beetles. During his Ninja Nation tour stop in Tulsa, Okla., the female was invited onto Beetles‘ tour bus after one of his shows in 2011. This is where she was given an escort pass with “Tul$a” written on the pass with the “L” written backwards, meaning “A slut.” After the story surfaced, almost a dozen more women came forward with other stories of their meetings with Beetles during his tours, in which more women posted pictures of their escort passes with the same word written on them.


“I stopped being a fan of Datsik when I had to pick my best friend up (from a show) drunk with vomit on herself, without any panties on, freezing in the middle of winter,” an anonymous poster wrote in a Facebook comment. “He had sex with my friend while she was so drunk she couldn’t even recall her (own) name,” another anonymous poster wrote. Others accused Beetles of pressuring them to drink and use ketamine, a vet tranquilizer, and then taking advantage of them while they were unconscious.


Screenshots were even posted by one Twitter user of a deleted tweet written by Datsik, where he jokingly refers to rape as a “struggle snuggle.”


To make matters worse, Beetles posted a half-witted apology on his Datsik Twitter account, where he seemed to have no sensitivity and no compassion for the matter, based on his wording and writing: “Yo everyone. This is a very serious matter to me,” he wrote on Twitter before making his account private.


“There have been recent allegations against me for things I have not done... I would never bend anyone against their will and I mean that,” said the DJ.


“I’m an adult, I’ve seen and been through it all. But these claims are shaking me to the core.”


As the EDM community on Twitter continued to share stories of their interactions with Beetles, in a matter of hours, Datsik’s $7 million career was seemingly over. Beetles had cancelled the remainder of his Ninja Nation 2018 tour as his openers began to drop out, festivals across the country removed his name from their lineups, merchandise websites took down his products from their stores, as well as his talent agencies ultimately dropping him.


“In light of recent allegations, Circle Talent Agency, effective immediately, has severed all ties with Datsik,” read a statement from Circle Talent Agency.


Datsik’s Firepower Records label also announced his departure in a Facebook post, “Due to recent allegations, Datsik has stepped down from Firepower Records and will no longer have an active role within the label... Firepower does not tolerate sexual assault under any circumstances and we are utterly devastated by these statements that have come to light.”


Other DJ’s and producers took this as an opportunity to tweet and post statements in solidarity of victims of sexual assault. One DJ group from Belgium known as Ganja White Night, even went so far as to announce that any profits made from their collaborative song with Datsik, “Bad Behavior,” would be donated to organizations that help women who are victims of domestic and sexual assault.



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Dubstep DJ Datsik accused of sexual assault by multiple women


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