Don’t Fumble Away Your Sunday

A Guideline for a New Sunday Fun Day

Katelyn Bittke, Opinions Editor


Sundays during the fall are no longer known as days of rest, but the days of football and chicken wings. What’s better then laying around on your couch wearing your team’s colors, arguing with the ref on TV, and having a calorie fest? Well actually, there are quite a few things that can put those wings and beers to shame.  For one week, I challenge you to ditch your living room and explore a life outside of field goals and touchdowns to experience my version of a Sunday.

Read a book. During the school week things can get a bit hectic, making lounging on your couch and watching TV a common way to unwind. This Sunday while you’re stepping away from your TV tradition, head over to your local library and check out the New York Times Bestseller list. Not only will you be exercising your mind, but you may fall in love with a new author whose book could be the next blockbuster. If you get bored reading alone, look into joining a book club where not only will you be meeting new people, but also wine is always in attendance (if you’re 21)!

It’s park time. Find your way out of your house, grab some Dunkin, and take a stroll to the nearest park. Not only will you be getting some exercise and fresh air, but also you can bring your furry friend for some quality bonding time. Your town usually spends a lot of energy in keeping your parks clean and beautiful; go out and enjoy nature and some peaceful relaxation.

Catch a flick. Not only will the price be cheaper during matinee times, but you probably won’t find the theater filled with couples on their date night. If you don’t feel like making the drive, pick out a classic that you already own, pop some popcorn and snuggle up in your favorite blanket. Not only will you be skipping all the constant interruptions of commercials, but you might find yourself reminiscing about your childhood.

Plan a meal. Sundays are the day supposedly used to get ahead on your sleep and prepare for the school week. Not only can you be preparing for your classes, but also the meals you plan on eating after. Too often we find ourselves either too unmotivated, or too tired to cook a decent nutritional dinner. Instead, use your Sundays to create meals and place them in Tupperware containers to be stacked in your fridge. Not only will you remain on track with your diet, but your cooking for the week will be complete!

Volunteer. Put some good deeds in the world by using your free day to donate your time at your favorite charities. Animal shelters, soup kitchens or any of your local organizations would be honored and grateful for any help you can give them. Not only will you be making a difference, but also studies show that those who volunteer on weekends are happier during the school week!

Give someone your undivided attention. Surprise your mom/dad, girlfriend/boyfriend and spend the day treating that person to your undivided attention. Go out to brunch and spend the rest of the day doing their favorite things without turning the TV on. Take her out on a shopping spree, spend some time out fishing by a lake or even grab a football and play catch outside. Not only will your partner be happy, but also you can both make some memories that don’t involve which team won the game.

Dance! Put on your favorite new album, blast the speakers and burn some calories. If you feel silly dancing by yourself, check out some dance studies to get someone to teach you a new routine. Not only is dancing a great cardio workout, also but your stress levels will go down and your serotonin levels will rise.

I understand the motivation anything on my list may take compared to your TV, but I promise it’s worth it. At the very least, test my theories on a week where you know your team doesn’t stand a chance (every team has their own source of kryptonite). Now start planning for the weekend and leave the jerseys at home!

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