College Basketball Preview’s Review

David Ridderhoff, Assistant News Editor

Before the college basketball season began, I made 11 bold predictions for the college basketball season. So how did I do? Let’s go one-by-one and see.

1. No Big Ten team will make the Final Four this year: Wrong

For a day it looked that we might have three Big Ten teams in the Final Four. But Wisconsin ended up as the only Big Ten team to make the Final Four, defeating Arizona to make it there. It’s surprising since I left them out of my prediction, and only talked about Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State Bad pick, but Wisconsin’s Final Four run was somewhat surprising.

2. A team will go winless this year: Wrong

This prediction was wrong by early December. Ouch.

3. Creighton’s Doug McDermott will lead the country in scoring and three-point percentage: Half right

While McDermott didn’t lead the country in three-point percentage, that honor went to Duquesne’s Micah Mason, McDermott did lead the country in scoring 29.9 points per game. Can I give myself a point here?

4. Duke won’t win both the regular season and conference championship in the ACC: Correct

Duke underwhelmed a lot of people this year, and Virginia actually ended up winning both regular season and postseason tournaments. Shocking, indeed.

5. No Mid-Major will be in the Final Four: Correct

Even though Wichita State went 34-0, they lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament. The closest mid-major to the Final Four was, of all teams, Dayton, who lost to Florida in the Elite Eight.

6. Florida Gulf-Coast won’t make the NCAA tournament this year: Correct

I told you all to find a new Cinderella—hope you were looking for Dayton.

7. Northern Illinois won’t break the record for least points in a half: Correct

This was a joke on their two-point first-half performance in 2012-13.

8. Either Baylor or Oklahoma State will make a serious run at the Final Four: Wrong.

Oklahoma State lost in the second round while Baylor made the Sweet Sixteen.

9. No Illinois team will make the NCAA tournament: Correct.

Unless you count the Lewis University women’s team.

10. My All-American team: Wrong

My team was: Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State, Gary Harris of Michigan State, Andrew Wiggins from Kansas, Doug McDermott of Creighton and Julius Randle from Kentucky.

The real team was: McDermott, Jabari Parker from Duke, Russ Smith from Louisville, Shabazz Napier of UConn and Sean Kilpatrick from Cincinnati: one out of five.

11. My Final Four picks: Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and Oklahoma State: Wrong.

Kentucky made it, and the other three schools didn’t even make the Sweet Sixteen.


So overall, I went .500, as I got five-and-a-half picks right. Considering these were risky picks with little research, I’m happy.

David Ridderhoff
David Ridderhoff is a junior Radio/TV broadcast major. He is the sports editor for The Flyer. He is also the general manager of Lewis’ radio station, WLRA. As an avid sports fan, he also collects hats and jerseys from a variety of sports teams.

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