Christian music to add to your ipod: Christian rock with an Indie twist

There’s such a wide variety of Christian music available. Sometimes, it can be difficult to pinpoint the kind we are really interested in listening to. Like mainstream music, there are many different genres, such as rock, pop, rap, country,…etc.

One of the Christian Indie bands is Article One. I’ve been lucky enough to see them in concert twice, and each concert was an experience I know I will never forget.

Nathan Piche, lead singer and keyboards, said that the band refuses to acknowledge any kind of rift between art and faith. This is a powerful statement, as music is a form of the arts that can help people feel more connected with their faith.

Article One was formed in London, Ontario in 2003. The lead singer and his brother were raised in a musical household where their father was a Christian artist who toured Canada. After viewing the audience’s reaction to their father’s music, the brothers decided they wanted to make music that impacted people as well.

Article One currently has two albums out and is now working on their third. The last update on their website ( stated that they have nine of the 12 songs fully recorded.

If there was one characteristic about this band that makes it stand out from other Christian bands, it’s the violin player. Matt Piche is not your typical violinist who plays concertos at a music hall. Piche knows how to rock out with his violin, something that is uncommon, yet remarkable to watch. He uses an electric violin, which adds more of a “rock-like” quality to the music.

At one concert Piche entered the stage with his violin in hand. He jumped on top of the piano, played his violin behind his back and danced around.

Listening to Article One is wonderful and can definitely put you in a good mood, however, seeing this band in concert is something extraordinary that gives you a new appreciation for violins in rock bands.

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