Career Services sets out to help students succeed

Samantha Carlson, Co-News Editor

By using the resources provided by the Career Services department, whose staff dedicate time to assisting students in preparing for their future employment opportunities, Lewis students can increase their chances of getting hired at a faster rate after graduation.

By visiting Career Services, which is now located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center, students can find solutions to each qualification that employers seek.

“Students who utilize Career Services are much more likely to be successful in their job search than those who don’t,” said Mary Myers, Career Services executive director.

Services that are offered include career planning, internship planning and employment planning. Each of these choices offer development plans, help in searching for jobs and internships and provide guides to answer any questions students may have regarding potential employment opportunities.

“We speak with employers every day, and here is what they tell us: employers prefer to hire applicants they have met or been referred, as well as prefer applicants to have related experience. They want to know what you can do, and in some fields, require an advanced degree,” Myers said.

Flyers Get Hired is a site for students and alumni to look for any type of job or internship that relates to their field.

“We encourage students to log in to their Flyers Get Hired account starting their freshman year so that they are ready to go when it is time to start searching for an internship,” said Associate Director of Career Services, Chris Breier.

“On our Flyers Get Hired site, students have access to over 200,000 employers across the United States. In addition to full-time jobs for graduating students and alumni, the site also has opportunities for part-time jobs as well as internships.”

Students can get help creating resumes, cover letters and thank you letters by bringing their materials to the department. The Career Services website provides students with a list of resources, such as interviewing tip sheets and mock interviews, useful career websites and examples of resumes, references, covers letters and thank you letters.

Students can make appointments to see a career counsler by emailing