C-Store Changes Angers Students

Stephanie Lipinski, Health Editor

After a long night of homework, I found myself craving a warm midnight snack to satisfy my hunger. The thought of a warm, gooey, cheesy Red Barron Pizza from the C-store would have hit the spot. So, I trekked to the C-store only to find all of the frozen microwavable food gone, and not even a Lunchable was in sight. All the coolers that were usually filled with my delicious late night snacks were filled with frozen shakes, smoothies and other foods. As a result, I left shocked, disappointed and hungry.

I put my detective skills to the test, and discovered the University replaced those delectable frozen food options with Sodexo pre-packaged pasta dishes. It’s one thing to add a new option, but another when you take away such a popular choice. I’ve seen students run to the C-store on the day of their food shipment. Does anyone else remember stocking up your freezer with Red Barron pizzas? Am I alone on this frozen pizza-less campus?

With no nearby town in sight, walking to restaurants or stores is near impossible for Lewis University students. Sodexo has become a monopoly on campus, leaving all other food items a thing of the past. Even with the new shake machine, I find that I don’t shop at the C-store as often as I used to, and other students are sharing my grief.

“These changes were made toward the end of last spring term, and were replaced with items made in house to offer variety,” Area Marketing Coordinator at Sodexo Anthony DeRose, said. “The F’Real machine is a pace changer for the Common Grounds that gives students a variety they previously did not have.”

Although having milkshakes available at all hours of the day is exciting for college students, if the intent was to increase variety, it seems Lewis students are less than satisfied with the results.

“Since I don’t eat meat it was a nice alternative, but now they don’t have those easy resources for me to utilize” junior Katie Curtis said. “It was nice to be able to go to the C-store and grab some of the frozen dinners such as [a] cheese pizza or macaroni and cheese.”

Some will argue that Sodexo is still supplying students with microwavable food, but there are some meals college students say they wouldn’t touch. When asked if he has tried the new Sodexo frozen products, junior Austin Hill didn’t seem too keen on trying them.

“Last year, I tried the frozen pasta, and it sucked. After microwaving, half of it was overcooked and the other half was still frozen,” Hill said.

When asked to give his opinion on the new shake machine, Hill approved of the addition, but claimed its success might be short lived.

“Come wintertime, students will most likely be wanting to have warm, microwavable foods instead of milkshakes when it is 20 degrees out,” Hill said.

Sophomore Kamil Borowski also feels like the C-store has taken a turn for the worse.

“I feel like there is nothing that can fulfill a stomach there,” Borowski said.
With nothing to fill those late night college munchies, the C-store is no longer “convenient” for students. It’s proving to be more of a burden for students to walk across campus because they’re leaving dissatisfied and hungry. Yet, there is still hope to bring back our delicious warm foods. If we are unsatisfied and want our beloved products back, all we need to do is ask.

“Lewis University Dining is always open to taking suggestions on products that should be carried in our dining locations. To request a product please stop by the Dining Services Office, located in Charlie’s Place and fill out a product request slip,” DeRose said.
Students hope Sodexo is aware that the changes made to their inventory have only brought frustration. Based on the opinions of Lewis students, it seems that changing the inventory is hurting business for the C-store rather than helping it.

Although it might not be the healthiest option, college students just want to grab their warm and greasy late night snack and leave feeling satisfied.

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