But First, Let Me Take A #Selfie

Lauren Grady, Tempo Editor

“I only got 10 Instagram likes in the last five minutes, do you think I should take it down? But first, let me take another selfie.”

Anyone who has listened to the radio or Pandora within the last few weeks should easily be able to recognize these lyrics from the Chainsmokers hit song “#Selfie.” Although the song consists of two girls talking in over-exaggerated teenage lingo with an extra dose of stupidity, the song does accurately reflect how obsessed our current generation has become with taking selfies.

So, what exactly is a selfie? According to Urban Dictionary, a selfie is a picture taken of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Instagram or any other sort of social networking website, usually accompanied by a kissy face or the individual looking in a direction that is not toward the camera.

Why is our generation so keen on taking and posting photos of ourselves? Is it just because we now have the sheer ability to do it with new technology such as front facing cameras? Or does it provide a larger comment on society and how self-engrossed we have become?

“I think our generation is obsessed with taking selfies because of the ridiculous amount of filters you can add to enhance your picture,” said sophomore Megan Szubert. “It’s all about how many likes you get, and if you take a selfie, pick a good filter and post it, it’s pretty shallow but you cross your fingers and hope its gets more likes than your last one.”

With the large amount of pictures people are taking of themselves, are we as a society losing that aspect of community?

“It is a trendy way to show how you see yourself and how you want people to see you. It’s also just fun to see how wild and crazy you can be,” Szubert said.

Whether this trend stays for the long run or will die down as quickly as it started, selfies are definitely a statement that will forever be associated with our generation.

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