5 Things to Know for Your New Day

Dennis Rodman speaks to CNN's Chris Cuomo

Photo from CNN Wire: Former NBA star Dennis Rodman sits down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an exclusive interview on Friday, January 31, 2014, from the rehabilitation clinic he is attending for alcohol addiction.

Faith Karimi and Chandler Friedman, CNN Wire

Georgia’s governor apologizes for snow fiasco, Amanda Knox’s ex stopped near Austrian border following murder conviction, and Dennis Rodman returns after a fiery last appearance.

Welcome to the Friday edition of “5 Things to Know for Your New Day.”


So much to talk about:

President Obama has no advice for Pope Francis. Neither will he weigh in on the Super Bowl. And is he team Hillary Clinton or team Joe Biden for the Democratic ticket? “I’m too smart for that,” he says. In an exclusive CNN interview, the President says he has not minimized his ambitions despite dealing with a nation divided. “The House Republicans, in particular, have had difficulty rallying around any agenda, much less mine,” he tells CNN’s Jake Tapper. And he sounds less than confident that Congress might come around. The interview touches on various issues, including his daughters and the Sochi Olympics.



Governor apologizes:

First came the snowy mess that left motorists’ tempers running hot as they sat in the cold for hours. Then the media frenzy and finger-pointing. Now the soul-searching begins. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal apologized, saying the state wasn’t adequately prepared to respond to the storm. “I am not going to look for a scapegoat. I am the governor, and the buck stops with me,” he said yesterday. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has mostly offered explanations on who controls what, saying most of the areas affected don’t fall under his jurisdiction. He has said the city is not directly responsible for the interstates, where the nightmarish gridlocks stretched through morning, day and night.



Guilty, again:

That’s the verdict from an Italian appeals court in the retrial of Amanda Knox, an American convicted of killing her British roommate in Perugia. Knox and her ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were sentenced to 28 and 25 years respectively for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Hours after the verdict, Italian officials caught her ex near the border with Austria. So what next for Knox, who now lives in Seattle? The U.S. double jeopardy clause dictates a person cannot be tried twice on the same charge. Will she be extradited?



CNN exclusive, the sequel:

The former NBA star breaks his silence today. The last time he talked to our Chris Cuomo earlier this month, things got pretty heated. At the time, Dennis Rodman was in North Korea cozying up to leader Kim Jong Un. Chris wanted to know how he became BFFs with a leader of such a repressive regime. Today, the two talk again, this time in person. And their discussion is more personal. They’ll talk about Rodman’s fight to get clean and sober.



More than just football:

We’d love to play along and pretend Sunday is all about touchdowns and the great American sport. But we’d rather not. It’s also about the hilarious ads, the halftime concerts and the parties. Then there’s the fight for barking rights. The Puppy Bowl, animal Planet’s alternative to the NFL’s Super Bowl, is a dream for animal lovers. It pairs a bunch of puppies with squeaky toys and a mini-stadium set. Add a “rufferee” and a kitty-filled halftime, and every floppy tackle or fetched football will send you into giggles. Even the first pups — that’s Bo and Sunny to you — are expected to make an appearance with first lady Michelle Obama.

CNN Wire

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