Professor to Host Dance Night

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George Miller overlooks his students as they dance down the line in class.

Roslyn Summerville, Public Relations Editor
Barbara Kaluzny, Contributor

Bored and don’t know what to do?

Sick and tired of doing homework?

Or maybe you just want to get out there and meet some new people.

Well, if any of those apply to you, then you should head on over to the D’Arcy Great Room on Wednesday, Oct. 23 for a night of learning the cha-cha, just make sure to wear shoes with less traction for better spinning and twirling abilities. The event will be held from 7:30- 8:30 p.m.

Dr. George Miller, chair and professor to the philosophy department at Lewis University, has been hosting these dance nights on campus for the past few years.

The dance nights came about because Miller was taking dance classes in ballroom and hip hop.  He thought that the energy in his dance lesson room was great, and wanted to duplicate that experience for Lewis students.

The instructor who is going to teach the cha-cha is Norman Landrum, who has been a ballroom dance instructor for over 13 years. He runs a studio called Norm’s Dance Family, and teaches ballroom dance classes weekly at the Bolingbrook Park District.

This isn’t the first time Landrum has been invited to teach students at Lewis. Previously, he’s been here to teach the hustle, rumba, and the swing.

Miller thinks that it is important for students to partake in physical activity. He is known for having his students do physical activity before and during his classes because he has found “that studies have shown that students who exercise are actually better students.”

“I don’t think 20 year olds should be sitting around. I don’t think anybody should be sitting around for that matter,” Miller said. “I think that energy is better served doing something positive instead of negative.”

The room in De La Salle for the previous dance night, which was hip hop taught by Gene Hicks who produces, performs and hosts events all over the Midwest, was filled from wall to wall with students dancing for the hour. One of Miller’s students, junior biology major Ariel Colman, was there to experience all of the high energy.

“I liked the [hip hop] dance night a lot. It was a lot of fun going, and it gives people a chance to just relax and dance,” Colman said. “I will be going to the next one, and it definitely is something I recommend for people to do.”

Colman thought the dancing was a great way to get rid of the stress from studying. The dance night was just like she expected it to be, which she says was “fun and upbeat.”

“We have a lot of fun dancing in [Miller’s] class, so I wasn’t expecting anything less for hip hop night,” she said.

The next dance night is going to be held on Dec. 5, and it will be a ballroom and hip hop mix with Hicks making another appearance.

Roslyn Summerville

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